Guy’s April Fool’s Prank On Mum And Dad Makes Them ‘Disown’ Him

Connor McLaughlin/Supplied

Ah April Fool’s. A day dedicated to hoaxes, practical jokes and pranks that are sure to get a few people in trouble.

Which is exactly what happened to 25-year-old Connor McLaughlin when he decided to play a hilarious prank on his parents which did not go down the way he thought it would.

Currently travelling in Australia, Connor decided to tell his parents he was coming home for Easter for a surprise visit when really he was still in Sydney.

Tagging his parents on Facebook, Connor made his ‘surprise’ public writing:

Finally touched down in the UK. Nice little Easter surprise for my mum and dad. Can’t wait to see everyone and sleep in a comfy bed for a couple off weeks before finally heading back.

Typical for it to be raining in Manchester and I’ve only got shorts and t-shirts packed!

Posting a photo of a rainy plane window with the Manchester Airport tag on it, Connor’s prank was complete as his parents were fooled.

It wasn’t until he shared a photo of himself enjoying a beer on Bondi Beach in Sydney writing ‘I’m not back in England, I’m sorry, I’m going to hell’ did his family realise they had been pranked.

Not expecting his parents to be hoodwinked so easily as he is always ‘winding them up’, Connor was surprised when they fell for trick.

He told UNILAD his mum did not react well when she found out it was all a joke:

She didn’t see it for about an hour and then she rang me. I ignored it the first time to keep her on edge then text her saying ‘I’m just going through security’.

She text me back saying it best not be a wind up so I googled a Manchester arrival photo and sent her that. She believed it.

All my mums’ friends commented on it saying how nice it is that I’m home. I left it another 40 minutes before uploading the beach photo.

All my friends started sending me private messages laughing and saying they can’t believe they fell for it.

My dad wrote on Facebook saying I had them fooled for a bit then he realised that I’m always doing stupid stuff like this and knew I was joking.

My mum didn’t message me back for about 20 minutes. I wasn’t sure if she was to angry to message me back or in my room making sure it’s ready for my return. She found it funny in the end and said she had believed me for a bit until my dad figured it out.

I think I’m disowned now. I think the locks will be being changed as we speak.

While his parents may not have seen the funny side straight away, Twitter certainly did with his post receiving 5,000 likes at time of writing.

With his friends also finding the prank amusing, Connor admits despite his parents’ reaction he will be up for doing something similar:

Yeah I’ll probably do it again, always up for a laugh and prank. It’s my dads birthday next so I’ll think of something for that.

When I actually do return home I don’t think anyone’s going to believe I’m actually back.

Connor may also have some making up to do to his mum before he returns home from Australia.

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