Guy’s Brother-In-Law Sends Him ‘Most Brutal’ Text Imaginable

brother-in-law text message brutal uniladUNILAD

A guy’s brother-in-law sent him the most brutal text imaginable leaving him in shock.

19-year-old Marwan from Jordan is close to his brother-in-law who married his eldest sister eight years ago.

Texting and joking with each other all the time, Marwan would even describe him as being ‘like the brother I never had’.

brother-in-law text message brutal uniladUNILAD

Always there to ‘mock’ and ‘make fun of’ him, Marwan’s brother-in-law took their banter to a new level with one simple yet savage text message.

Jokingly saying to his brother-in-law ‘whatever makes you sleep at night’, Marwan was taken aback when he saw the reply ‘I sleep with your sister’.

Marwan exclusively told UNILAD the message was totally unexpected:

He had sent me a screenshot of a tweet that compared guys with abs to guys with dad bods saying the latter are better just to mock me for being fit while he’s gaining weight. We in the family always mock him for looking like Homer Simpson!

I didn’t really think about my reply so when he replied with ‘I sleep with your sister’ all I did was laugh so hard because there’s no comeback from that.

It was totally true and I couldn’t say anything back without putting myself in an awkward position so I actually ignored his text and showed my friends to make them laugh too!

A day later he sent me another joke so I quoted his text from the day before and I was like ‘I’m sorry I laughed so much I forgot to reply’! I was afraid to make it even worse for myself!

Marwan funny brother-in-law text uniladUNILAD
Marwan funny brother-in-law text uniladUNILAD

Marwan’s friends encouraged him to share the message on Twitter because they found if funny and so he tweeted the screenshot out.

It very quickly blew up receiving, at time of writing (June 15), a total of 32,000 likes leaving Marwan happily surprised.

He told UNILAD:

10 minutes after I posted it the tweet had almost 60 likes and a few retweets. I left it up, went to be and when I woke up the next day I was shocked as it has almost 4,000 likes.

I’ve never tweeted anything that went this viral and I used to think that to go viral you need to have so many followers or at least to know someone who does and would retweet your tweet.

I was amazed by how far a tweet could reach and my friends who live abroad messaged me like ‘you’re famous now over here’.

It was really nice and I felt like I had a new purpose for a few days!

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