Guy’s Friend Gives Him Homemade Bowl Cut And It Backfires Hilariously

by : UNILAD on : 19 Jul 2018 17:11
Guy who's bowl cut went wrongUNILAD

Would you ever let your mate cut your hair?

If you’re wise, you will have said no to that, however the very chilled-out Manu Vyas, from Toronto, said yes to his friend Everett asked to give him a bowl cut.


It’s not enough to say the bowl cut failed. It actually developed its own social media presence, leading the world to question whether it was hair on a head, or a wig on a thumb.

Guy who's bowl cut went wrongUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, 18-year-old Manu explained his reasons for allowing this outrageous haircut:

There’s a some factors as to why I wanted such a botched bowl cut. No this wasn’t a bet. My buddy Everett just wanted to give me a bowl cut.

I was bored and wanted to do something funny, I always wanted a bowl cut, I was going to cut my hair short anyways so I decided why not get my friend to ruin my hair, my friend wanted to give me a bowl cut.

Guy who's bowl cut went wrongUNILAD

The thought-process was clearly a very logical one with four solid reasons, but I don’t think he could have ever predicted quite how it would turn out.

He continued:

For the haircut we went to my friend’s house, got all the tools (bowl, trimmer and scissors). I put a garbage bag on so I didn’t get hair all over myself and sat on a lawn chair. The haircut was pretty quick, my friend started cutting away hairs at the front and sides, then he used the beard trimmer on the back of my head, creating the perfect bowl.

The sides and front were fairly easy to do, all my friend had to do was follow the bowl (I had to do a bit too for fear of getting my ear chopped off). The back was fun for him but not for me.

Every single time he would use the trimmer on the back of my head it would be going above my neck line by a centimetre. When his brother came outside to check out whats going on all he said was “oh, God” and they both started laughing, but I was in too deep with the bowl cut and decided to let him have his way with it.

Guy who's bowl cut went wrongUNILAD

Manu posted photos of his hair to Reddit and it went down very well. It received 46.2k upvotes and commenters were fighting to take the p*ss, yet also acknowledging his bravery.

One commenter wrote:

Your haircut is so disturbing it makes me physically uncomfortable to look at it. It is exactly what this sub is looking for and I applaud your courage to share it with us.


Here is his hair pre-bowl abomination…

Manu before the bowl cutUNILAD

Another said:

I can’t even tell you how much joy the pictures of your crazy ass snake neck have brought me.

I laughed so hard in the last five minutes looking through all the photos and comments that I probably added a year to my life. Amazing.

Guy who's bowl cut went wrongUNILAD

Talking about the response he received online, Manu said:

As for the reddit post, I didn’t expect this to blow up by this amount. Im happy to have the #1 most jacked up cut of all time on that subreddit.

I find it funny how people have a ‘yanny or laurel’ sort of thing with the back of my head with it either being ‘thumb with wig’ or ‘neck and head’.

To be fair, Manu has spread a lot of joy with his thumb wig of a haircut, so everyone wins!

If you want to follow any future terrible but spontaneous decisions by Manu, follow him on Instagram.

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