Guys Get Terrifying Surprise From ‘Sex Demon’ In Most Haunted House In Britain


UNILAD’s very own Bam and Axel were in for a night of terror at the Ancient Ram Inn, a picturesque yet creepy Cotswolds B&B which is said to host a ‘Sex Demon’.

Our ghost hunters experienced ghostly handprints, objects moving by themselves, bum imprints on beds where nobody was sitting and a chilling message scratched into a rafter that read ‘Help me’.

All through their visit Bam and Axl also had the intense feeling of being watched and felt frequent icy blasts.

But the fear really escalated when they began to hear some seriously creepy unexplained noises in a bedroom…


Eventually the lads decided they had put up with quite enough hauntings for one night and legged it out of there.

Once safely outside, they doused themselves in holy water (which they also drank for safe measure!) and waved a smoked sage stick to cleanse themselves.

If you think this was an overreaction, then remember that some people have undergone exorcisms after leaving the notorious inn, which is believed by some to be slap bang in the middle of a dark energy portal.

In the past, some guests have become so scared they’ve actually jumped out of their bedroom windows rather than face their spectral room mate.


The Ancient Ram Inn – often regarded as the most haunted house in Britain – dates back to the 12th century and is built on top of a 5,000-year-old pagan burial ground. Even the proprietor, John Humphries, won’t dare enter a room without a bible in it.

The now friendly B&B was reportedly once the site of devil worship and child sacrifice, and the shadows of this dark history remain.

Guests have reported seeing a little girl wandering the corridors and hearing childlike screams, and the guys examined a hole in the floor where the skeletons of two children were discovered along with sacrificial daggers.

But perhaps most disturbingly of all, are the reports of guests being pinned to their beds by a lusty ‘incubus’, also known as a sex demon. Even the owner has fallen prey to the attentions of the horny ghost.

Could this be this predatory presence that pestered the duo throughout the night?

You can watch the lads’ night of terror for yourself in the following video:

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You can stay in the Ancient Ram Inn yourself for a bargain price of between £25 and £30 per night, if you don’t mind the fact that your fellow guests include up to 30 reported ghosts.

If you’re into a creepy aesthetic complete with staring portrait, mysterious dark marks on walls and dark narrow corridors, this could be your ideal weekend away.

However, be warned – it is not unheard of for guests to end up running the hell out of there in the middle of the night.

Just make sure to pack your sage…