Guy’s Mates Prank Him With Dissolvable Swim Trunks On Holiday


Dissolving swimming trunks UNILAD

Try and think of nightmare scenarios at a swimming pool – drowning, slipping on wet floors, floating turds, or accidentally turning up to the pool naked.

The last one seems impossible, who turns up to a swimming pool naked (unless it’s a dress code requirement)? The only time it’s even remotely possible is, if it’s a result of a severe ‘pantsing’ from your so-called mates.


However, for one unfortunate bloke, Lee Kenny, his friends played the ultimate prank on him when they gave him dissolving swimming trunks.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?:

Lee can be seen in the pool, next to his wife Sinead, with his hands feebly trying to cover his crotch and backside. At first, it’s unclear as to why, but then the sudden realisation of what’s happening comes into the picture.

Just like Spider-Man and the rest of the ‘dead’ heroes in Avengers: Infinity War, Lee’s swimming trunks slowly start to dissolve. He’s helpless as his friends and other onlookers in the pool point and laugh at his predicament.


At this point, he’s confused as to why it’s happening to him. Someone off-camera points out to him how he’s wearing ‘dissolvable shorts’.

At this point so many things are running through my mind such as: ‘who would actually wear these?’ and ‘why were they made in the first place?’.

But in the heat of the moment, Lee doesn’t think of these questions. He just wants to get the hell out there before exposing himself a bit too much.

Dissolving shortsUNILAD

But he’s too slow to react. His trunks completely dissolve and as he runs off. A member of staff helps to cover him up.

Speaking to UNILAD, Rachael Whittaker, revealed how she, her husband Sean, and a bunch of other mates planned the whole prank before their group trip to Ibiza back in July.

Rachel told us:

My husband had heard about some ‘dissolvable swim shorts’ and thought it would be funny to set up our friend Lee Kenny for when we go on holiday.

We went on a group trip to Ibiza in July (10 of us went) it was a friends/couples trip.

Everyone was in on the dissolvable swim shorts secret, except for Lee and his wife. We didn’t want to risk her letting it slip.

Dissolving trunksUNILAD

Rachael explained how they used a company called Little Wedding Treasures ‘to personalise the shorts with Lee’s initials’. They got a friend to pretend he found the shorts with Lee’s initials on while he was away.

She went on to explain:

He told Lee he would buy them for him as a present for our forthcoming holiday to Ibiza and all the lads pretended to be jealous of Lee for receiving a present and for having his own personalised swim shorts.

This guaranteed Lee would wear them while away without suspicion. Lee took great enjoyment in showing off to the lads how special and important he was for having such great shorts.


Rachael continued:

The first day of the holiday Lee proudly arrived at the pool in his dissolvable swimshorts with no idea what was about to happen.

In the video, you can see Lee and his wife. Lee couldn’t get out of the pool without walking out through a group of people. He had no towel to grab and ran back to his room. Luckily the waitress helped cover his modesty with a drinks tray.

When Lee returned – with his own swim shorts – his wife told him he was still not safe, as it was a spray we’d used to make the swim shorts dissolve, which they’d used on all of his swimwear.

While the part about the spray wasn’t true, Rachael said it was just ‘fun to see Lee’s reaction’. You’d think after such an embarrassing moment Lee would spend the rest of the holiday plotting their demise but according to Rachael, it never happened as ‘he’s not that smart’.

Harsh, Rachael, harsh.

If you want to pull off the same prank head over to the Little Wedding Treasures website.

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