Guy’s Oven Keeps Setting Fire Alarm Off – Doesn’t Know Why Until He Discovers This

Sam Pearson from Dublin OvenUNILAD

A guy’s fire alarm was constantly going off for two weeks and he didn’t realise why until he discovered something in his oven.

24-year-old Sam Pearson, from Dublin, had no idea why his fire alarm kept going off and what was causing a strange smell in the house.

After two weeks of suffering with the nightmare, he decided to do some detective work and found, hidden at the very top of the oven, some burnt sausage rolls.

Check it out:

Sam Pearson burnt sausage rollsUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Sam explained how he was shocked when he discovered the burnt rolls:

Two weeks after putting them in the oven I finally noticed the sausage rolls which now look more like coal than anything resembling pastry.

My first reaction was disbelief, along with a healthy dose of disgust. I’m still incredibly amazed they just sat there in the top of the oven, not even that out of view, for so long.

We genuinely had no idea what was setting of the fire alarm. We thought the oven itself had maybe got something wrong with it!

My housemate even took out the wire rack from the bottom of the oven thinking it was that (still without noticing the black sausage rolls in the top of the oven).

We all used the oven a couple times before we noticed!

Sam decided the burnt rolls deserved their moment in the spotlight and shared a photo of them on Twitter, with the tweet receiving over 6,700 likes, at time of writing.

People even made funny comparisons, saying the rolls looked like everything from crabs to burnt baby feet:

guy oven burnt sausage rollsUNILAD

To make matters worse, these weren’t just your standard shop-bought sausage rolls. Vegan blogger Sam had actually made the batch from scratch himself.

He said:

So it started as part of my birthday party. I cooked a massive amount of food for everyone, including a massive pile of vegan sausage rolls.

I overestimated how much pastry my friends could manage slightly so ended up with one tray of sausage rolls still uncooked.

Fast forward to the next day and I thought great, a full tray of sausages rolls I can cook to heal our hangovers.

Unfortunately, I still couldn’t quite stomach the sausage rolls after I cooked them so I thought I’ll just leave them in the oven to keep warm.

Of course he ended up leaving the rolls in the oven for two weeks ‘to keep warm’.

This is what they should have looked like:

Sam Pearson's Vegan sausage rollsUNILAD

Despite this kitchen disaster, Sam insists he can cook and even runs a vegan blog where he shares his recipes for delicious comfort food.

He even gave UNILAD his tips for tasty vegan sausage rolls:

Tip one is definitely not to cook them for as long as I did. Other than that I think one of the biggest things people don’t realise is that pre-rolled pastry is often vegan.

There’s lots of possibilities with vegan food when you start to scratch the surface.

To see some of Sam’s more successful bakes, you can check out his blog here!

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