Harry Potter Fan’s Living Room Looks Like Something Straight Out Of Hogwarts

harry potter living roomUNILAD

As a proud Ravenclaw and Harry Potter fan, my house is decorated with various bits of merchandise from house cushions to quidditch flags and wands, all proudly on display.

I am sure many Potter fans’ homes have similar items dotted all over their homes, but 24-year-old Bre Santry from Richwood, Ohio, decided to give her living room a magical makeover like none seen before.

Solemnly swearing that she is up to no good, Bre has completely transformed her lounge making it the most mystical and extraordinary shrine to Potter.

While I am no interior design expert, I think it is undeniable Bre’s living room is beautiful:

harry potter living roomUNILAD

Decorating her lounge with a mixture of Potter merchandise and magical-looking antiques which could have come straight from Hogwarts, Bre has been adding to her collection for the past four years.

A Hogwarts tapestry hangs over a sofa filled with various Potter cushions which includes a fluffy version of the Monster Book of Monsters.

Next to the sofa is Bre’s owl figure sitting comfortably in a golden cage and a bookshelf filled with Funko pop figures, the Marauder’s Map and the Harry Potter novels of course.

harry potter living roomUNILAD

On the other side of the room the Sorting Hat sits on top of a Potter trunk while a broomstick is hung up on the wall behind it.

In every nook and cranny you can spot something you didn’t notice the first time as Bre has completed her makeover with attention to detail and love.

This is because Potter means a lot to Bre who was first introduced to the wizarding world by her dad.

harry potter living roomUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, she explained how she was took in by J.K. Rowling’s creation:

The moment I saw the first movie trailer for The Sorcerer’s Stone I was hooked, and I was only in the first grade. My dad took me to see the movie unbeknownst my mum, who was strictly Catholic at the time and forbid it.

I just fell in love with the entire wizard universe. I brought home The Chamber of Secrets novel from school one day and watched my mum throw it into the trash. I think part of why I’ve submerged myself into the Harry Potter fandom so much as an adult is because I wasn’t allowed to openly enjoy it as a child.

After my mum divorced from my stepdad, who was strictly Catholic, she had no problems with it and she now also likes Harry Potter. She has also apologised many times and has admitted how silly the whole ‘Harry Potter is evil’ religious narrative is.

Bre and her mum now actually enjoy spending time in the magical living room together chatting about all things Potter over a pint of butterbeer.

harry potter living roomUNILAD

Four years ago Bre and her husband went to visit Universal Studios where she brought her first Potter-themed decoration, the Hogwarts crest tapestry, as well as a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and a Chocolate Frog.

When they moved into their condo three months later, Bre had her ‘eureka’ moment deciding to decide her lounge to Potter.

Still adding to it Bre, who is mum to four-month-old identical twin girls Lily and Luna, doesn’t think her collection will ever stop growing:

The decorating in my living room pretty much started from there and I’ve been adding to it ever since.

Right now I’m working on making our guest bathroom Harry Potter themed as well because it’s just so boring and normal. And it’s an excuse to buy more Harry Potter things!

I will always browse the thrift stores and antique shops for anything that looks like it belongs in Hogwarts. My husband is a fan of Harry Potter himself, so he doesn’t mind the decorating at all.

Harry potter living roomUNILAD
harry potter living roomUNILAD

While Bre struggled to choose her favourite part when UNILAD asked, she settled on the magic wand which controls the TV, saying she loves the looks on people’s faces when they visit and she turns the TV on with a quick swish.

My boyfriend actually got one for his birthday once and honestly, it really is the best thing ever!

Of course Bre would love to get numerous bits and bobs to add to her already extraordinary collection but what she really has her heart set on is a $350 Lionel Hogwarts Express Train Set.

If you add it to your Christmas list Bre, hopefully Santa will treat you this year!

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