Here’s How ISIS’s Plan For World Domination Is Actually Coming True

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Throughout the past few months, the western world has been attacked numerous times by crazed attackers, indoctrinated by the spiteful and hate ridden ideology of the so called Islamic State. 

A Priest murdered in France; a deadly gun attack at a nightclub in Orlando; the devastating lorry attack on Nice; the music festival bombing in Germany; and an axe attack on a train to name but a few.

In the Middle East, though the terrorist group have been losing a lot of ground, their suicide attacks have been at an all time high and as much as it pains me to say it, this is merely proof that the Islamic State’s plan is working, and it’s hard to stop, reports The Telegraph.

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Apparently, the Islamic State want to provoke and create a massive civil war which will eventually lead to a Muslim caliphate being established across the length and breadth of the world.

And they are doing so by urging their followers to read a book called the Idarat al-Tawahhush, or The Management of Savagery by Islamic radical, Abu Bakr Naji, which offers a step-by-step guide to Islamists on how to wreak havoc.

This book alone is leading many experts to believe that it is the reason why there has been a recent surge in lone wolf style attacks, attacks which Machiavelli describes as the hardest to defend against.

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Bakr Naji wrote that he hoped these attacks would provoke more countries to form a massive armed response to the potential threat leading Muslims in the countries to feel alienated and hated.

As part of their ideology of hate, the so-called Islamic State want all people across the world to turn against Sunni Muslims (the branch of Islam the Islamic State claim to follow).

And why do they want people to hate Sunni Muslims? Well that’s simple. So that Sunni’s become disillusioned, angry, upset and annoyed – willing to go out and commit ‘lone wolf’ attacks themselves and to add more fuel to this fire of terrorism.

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The reason the terrorist group are committing so many mass attacks in the Middle East is also to create divide and spread fear and hatred.

The more atrocities they can create, the better in their eyes, as there will be then be more chance of an invasion by Europe or America, or at least a large intervention – which will again, provoke other Muslim’s across the world – angered that their country is at war and leading them to feel disillusioned too.

Essentially it is a terrifying and endless wheel of death, fear, hatred, and greed – all disguised under the thin veil of religion.

But what is the answer?