Here’s The Safest Places To Go At The End Of The World

by : Tom Percival on : 13 Oct 2016 18:15

Not a day goes by these days without some news organisation, ourselves included, prophesying the end of the world in some way.


Whether it be through nuclear war, climate change or a good old fashioned zombie plague, mankind’s always been fascinated with the idea of oblivion.

But where’s the best place to go at the end of the world? Your mum’s house, to a bunker, the Winchester? There are plenty of options available but where’s the best place to seek refuge?

Thankfully, Business Insider have put together a handy-dandy map of potential locations…

Here’s their map…




Iceland is the most isolated country in Europe and is hundreds of miles from the mainland keeping it safe from any nuclear fallout, zombie plague, or robot uprising that may take place.

As an added bonus there’s also plenty of fish in the surrounding seas so you won’t starve which is a plus. Although it will be quite cold…

Tristan Da Cunha


Tristan Da Cunha is another remote spot where you can wait for the apocalypse to blow over, and again, it’s got a thriving economy based on fish so you won’t go hungry. Unless it’s the fish that are invading…




Guam combines the remoteness of Iceland and Tristan Da Cunha with the furious firepower of the U.S. military (they have a massive military presence on the island) which is sure to knock any would-be Robo-Hitler for six during World War Three.

Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai may seem like an odd choice being a city in Thailand but it’s got quite a bit going for it.

It’s in the mountains which make it hard to get to and also Marc Faber – who’s warned of the apocalypse – lives there.

If he’s chosen it, you can guarantee there’s a reason it’s safe, we’re guessing 2012 style ‘Noah’s Arks’ designed to save the Earth’s best and brightest.



Denver’s a perfect shelter from the apocalypse for a fair few reasons.


Firstly, it’s in the mountains. Secondly, it’s got a literal butt-load of natural oil and, according to conspiracy theorists, its airport may or may not be built on the site of a huge underground bunker.

Puncak Jaya


Puncak Jaya is the site of the world’s biggest gold mine which will no doubt be handy in the coming apocalypse.

We’ve heard that the super mutants worship gold as some kind of deity.

Cape Town


Should World War Three ever come (we’re currently betting on next week), you can guarantee it’s going to be between Russia and America who’ve been in a dick measuring contest since the last world war over who can start the apocalypse first.

While this is terrible news for those in the middle (sorry Europe) it may be good news for the rest of the world.

That’s including Cape Town – the most economically prosperous city in Africa, thankfully free from western influence.



It’s not all doom and gloom for Europe though – Switzerland has been neutral in both World Wars so we can’t see them getting involved in World War Three: This Time I’m Putin A Nuke In It.

As an added bonus, a lot of the Swiss are trained in the use of firearms as well so they could potentially defend us from whatever is out there in the dark.

Necker Island


If you want to ride out the apocalypse in style and the Winchester is full then why not head over to Necker Island, Richard Branson’s island retreat where you can avoid the coming of lord Cthulhu and his great unclean ones.

Tierra Del Fueggo


Tierra Del Fueggo is protected from nuclear fallout by its strong winds and it’s nice and remote so you’d be safe and cozy while the world burned around you.



Retiring to Canada has always been a vague dream of mine, so it’s nice to know that should the Great Worm ever rise and shower the world in his fiery glory, I’ll be safe over there.

Yukon is one of Canada’s most remote settlements and is rich in both wildlife and natural metals.

Kansas City


Kansas City is nice and remote but also surrounded by lovely fertile land, perfect for growing crops to replace those burnt in the fiery hellscape of nuclear Armageddon.

Isle of Lewis


The Isle of Lewis has great whiskey and it’s only three hours from the mainland – what more do you need from an Armageddon refuge?

And did we mention the Whiskey?

So where would you go?

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