Here’s What Really Happened To Alice And Luke After First Dates

by : UNILAD on : 21 Jun 2017 15:38
Channel 4

There’s no denying it, First Dates is television gold. And if you don’t agree, you’re in denial or just plain wrong. 


Last night’s episode was proof that it really is one of the best shows on the box. It had everything.

After being brutally asked to leave the meal because his date didn’t fancy him, Greig, who seemed like a stand-up bloke, was back in the restaurant and he finally found the perfect match.

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In fact, the date was so successful that Greig and Shaun have now been in a relationship for two months.


And if that didn’t bring a tear to your eye, there was the elderly singletons, Heather and Gary, who were looking for companionship and someone to enjoy the rest of their lives with.

At the end of the show, it was revealed that they’ve been inseparable ever since their first date.


But there was one couple that Channel 4 didn’t provide an update on at the end of the show, and everyone was desperate to know what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

Luke, A DJ from London, got on like a house on fire with Alice-Ella, a singer/songwriter who suffered from ME (Myalgic encephalomyelitis, often referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome).

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After a successful first date, the trendy duo agreed to meet up again providing Alice was impressed by Luke’s ‘WhatsApp banter’ (that’s how dating works in 2017).

UNILAD managed to track Alice-Ella down to find out whether the pair are still together. Sadly, it’s not good news.

Alice-Ella explained to UNILAD that all was not as it seemed: 

I loved being on First Dates. The team was lovely and it was so much fun.

However, they cut out the bits where I said I didn’t fancy him. I explained on the phone to my friend that I didn’t but that was left out.

I presume they didn’t give an update on what happened after the show because we didn’t see each other again and there was no happy ending like the other couples.

Despite the fact sparks didn’t fly, Alice-Ella confirmed Luke does have exceptional WhatsApp banter and they do still text as friends.

She said: 

Luke was warm and really funny, but sadly I just didn’t fancy him.

His banter is great, but it wasn’t enough. I spoke to him on WhatsApp last night.

Alice-Ella is still looking for love, but for now she’s concentrating on her second single ’24 Obsession’, which is released on the 24th of July.

Speaking about the release, Alice-Ella said: 


My first single came out two years ago but unfortunately I became unwell again with ME, but now I’m ready to finally release the second single.

I’m going to do a launch gig on the 24th on July in London and I’m working with the charity action for ME and giving a percentage of sales to them.

Check out Alice-Ella’s Facebook page or YouTube to give her music a listen.

Or you can pre-order ’24 Obsession’ here and visit her website for information on her launch show in London on the 24th.

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