Hero Boyfriend Wins Internet With ‘Random’ Acts Of Kindness To Surprise Girl

by : UNILAD on : 30 Apr 2017 16:34
Yes Theory

Random acts of kindness make the world a better place.


Whether it be paying for someone’s morning coffee, writing positive post-it notes or letting the person behind you jump the queue at the bank, paying it forward can make someone’s day.

Thinking about handing out roses to random people? Paying for someone’s lunch? Maybe you’re thinking that walking around with a box of puppies would turn a few frowns upside down – and you’re right, just ask this guy.

Yes Theory

Meet BC Serna. His girlfriend, Taylor Saxelby, was surprised with seven random acts of kindness in one day.


Sound too good to be true? It was. BC was behind it all, taking RAK’s and the definition of boyfriend to the next level.

After a week of planning, BC teamed up with YouTube channel Yes Theory, Taylor’s best friends, location sharing app Zenly, and a bunch of strangers to execute perhaps the most elaborate random act of kindness prank ever.

To Taylor, the day ran smooth: Being surprised with gift cards, roses, classy cars disguised as taxis, and – yes – puppies.

But behind the scenes, it looked a little something like this:

Needing to stay one step ahead of Taylor the whole day, Ammar, one fourth of Yes Theory, told UNILAD the day was hectic:

How stressed everybody was [about getting] caught just made the entire vibe the whole day extremely funny. In our minds we’re trying to make Taylor’s day the best day ever, and she has no idea there’s so much happening behind the scenes and almost the juxtaposition of that just made it extremely funny but extremely hard.

Even though there was a plan, there was a lot of changes on the spot, like finding people to give her the roses and gift cards and all of that.

To make the prank even more special, every ‘random’ act of kindness was tailored to Taylor’s preferences.


BC told UNILAD: “There was a bunch of ideas we were throwing around but we wanted to make it simple and just focus her favourite things. She loves whole foods, she’s obsessed with Zara, loves puppies, and she loves [classy cars].”

“It was a real test of how well [BC] knows her,” Ammar added. Which, by the look on her face throughout the video, is pretty well.

Watch the full prank here:

Her favourite dessert, macaroons, were also given to her during her taxi ride. “That was our favourite part because out of everything, that was when she started tearing up,” BC said. “She also said that’s when she knew I had something to do with it.”

BC’s girlfriend, Taylor, told UNILAD:

I was so suprised by the Whole Foods gift card and flowers and just thought to myself, ‘Wow, today is going to be amazing!’

Once the Zara thing happened I knew something was up. I believe in kind people but that one was pretty outrageous! I knew BC was behind all the madness once they handed me the macaroons in the Rolls Royce. Macaroons are a main food group in my life and even though that was one of the most simple surprises of the day, I started crying because I realised how special, personal and thoughtful BC was making that day.

I was blown away every time. I felt so grateful and overwhelmed. My brain couldn’t comprehend anything quick enough before the next surprise happened!

“The day itself was hectic and crazy and I was just hoping she would feel loved and would have an amazing day with her best friend,” BC added.

Yes Theory

So what was the occasion? Absolutely nothing. Take note guys, he did it just because. “He always over delivers,” Taylor said.

The bar has officially been raised.

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