James Blunt Posts Picture Of Him And Ed Sheeran ‘Having Sex’ To Sell More Tickets

by : UNILAD on : 08 Mar 2018 17:29

I’m picturing a lot of hair, just everywhere, along with some incredible harmonies when Ed Sheeran and James Blunt did the dirty.


It’s wonderful to see these two great guys experimenting with each other, and is there anything more James Blunt than posting a photo to Twitter?

Twitter King James Blunt posted a striking photograph of himself bent over, looking straight down the camera lens and pouting, appearing to be ‘entered’ by everyone’s favourite ginger Ed Sheeran.

Ed just looks to be observing James’ behind with his arms crossed…a very chilled approach to the whole ordeal.


Okay, okay, it was a staged photo in order to get us all talking about James Blunt’s extra concert in Sydney on March 14.

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It definitely did the trick…and it’s my new phone wallpaper.

Sadly Ed Sheeran doesn’t appear to have commented on their love affair, which looks fairly one-sided in terms of passion.

James Blunt has self-deprecating humour, admitting that ‘no one likes James Blunt’s music’ for years, making him an absolute Twitter legend.

His falsettos are no match for his wit, and his Twitter bio is ‘proof that one song is all you need’.


He’s really doing anything to promote his new album, but is completely owning it.

In a video showing him thrusting with a huge stick attached to his crotch, James simply wrote ‘I am NOT desperate to sell records. At all’.

If only he could make money from his Twitter instead of his records, ey.

Though one Twitter user wrote:

James Blunt not a really big fan, but was listening to your new album, and boy! Wow! I really love the “don’t give me those eyes” song!

James Blunt once announced that he wanted to be called J Blo, ‘in keeping with other greats such as Prince, J Lo, and Diddy’.

His photo of  himself ‘doing doggy’ with Ed Sheeran has received 2.9k retweets and been liked 21k times.


James Blunt really is the gift that keeps on giving… just ask Ed Sheeran.

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