Kids TV Show Arthur Once Parodied South Park And No One Noticed


Widely-memed and much loved children’s TV classic Arthur was way more edgy than we ever realised as kids.

In a 1999 episode of Arthur the hit kids show parodied the positively-filthy South Park and nobody realised until now.


The cheeky homage to one of the 90s most controversial cartoons appeared in Arthur¬†season four in an episode called ‘The Contest’ where the Arthur gang compete to write a story.

Each story is acted out in a different animation style and Buster’s story about alien abduction is animated in the South Park style:

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The delightfully light-hearted homage to South Park not only mirrors the animation style but also the aliens and Kenny death scenes which were so iconic in the early seasons.

Obviously because it’s a children’s show Buster doesn’t die but they hold the joke just long enough to make you nervous.

I love it when you discover something new about a well loved children’s TV show, something like this also shows the writers had a real edgy sense of humour which they hid within the wholesome children’s entertainment programme.


I guess they got away with it for so long because in 1999 the audiences for Arthur and South Park were so radically different.

I for one am glad this piece of unexpected edginess exists and has been hidden in plain sight for all these years.