Lad Mistakes Dubai For Scotland On Snapchat

leith dubai mistake snapchat uniladUNILAD

Although you wouldn’t think there are many similarities between not-so-sunny Scotland and famously glorious Dubai, one guy got very confused between the two.

When 17-year-old Steven Bell from Edinburgh posted a photo of Leith on his Snapchat story, he was rather shocked when his mate, Robert Muir, replied asking ‘where’s that, Dubai?’

That’s because the only similarity Leith shares with Dubai is that it’s on the coast!

leith dubai mistake snapchat uniladUNILAD
leith dubai mistake snapchat uniladUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Steven said he couldn’t stop laughing at Robert’s bizarre reply.

He explained though he can kind of, emphasis on ‘kind of’, see where he was coming from:

I took a photo of where I was for my Snapchat story which was a building site near Leith docks.

Robert replied to my story saying ‘where’s that, Dubai?’ He’s not the brightest of people so I can understand why he thought that looked like Dubai with the high rise flats, the water on a nice day and that.

He was definitely being genuine!

But anyone who’s stayed in Edinburgh can tell you that my photo is the opposite of Dubai!!!

After responding to Robert confirming it wasn’t Dubai but instead Leith, Steven also sent some laughing face emojis and appropriately called his pal a bit of an idiot.

leith dubai mistake snapchat uniladUNILAD

He also decided to publicly embarrass Robert by sharing screenshots of the conversation on Twitter.

Steven simply wrote:

No way

Going viral, the tweet has received over 8,000 likes at time of writing (June 6) as people couldn’t get over Robert’s mistake.

leith dubai mistake snapchat uniladUNILAD

Steven told us Robert at first was begging him not to post the screenshots:

My initial reaction was to screenshot it and send it to my pals. We all laughed at it and Robert was trying to defend himself saying he knew it wasn’t Dubai but he was definitely lying.

I then knew I had to put it on Twitter.

Robert was like ‘no please, don’t post it’ but he eventually came round and saw the funny side of it.

If he ever does go to Dubai, I think Robert will be shocked it isn’t anything like Scotland!

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