Lad Tells Family He’s Nipping Out For Lunch But Randomly Goes To Amsterdam

chris lad randomly goes amsterdamUNILAD

I have often dreamt of spontaneously going to the airport, striding up to the counter and booking the next flight anywhere and taking an impulsive holiday wherever, but never had the balls to do so.

One man did though, 22-year-old Chris Richards from Balloch, Scotland, who randomly went to Amsterdam last September.

For those of us who work during the week, Mondays can generally suck for many people who won’t want to return to the office after enjoying the weekend.

chris lad randomly goes amsterdamUNILAD

One long weekend in fabulous Las Vegas last year was so fun for Chris he was desperate to continue partying and not return to a job he doesn’t enjoy on the Monday.

Seeing on Facebook that a group of girls he knew were currently in Amsterdam, Chris decided why not join them and so asked a friend to drop him off at the airport.

Luckily he still had his passport to hand as he had just returned from Vegas and so jumped onto a flight that day.

chris lad randomly goes amsterdamUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Chris explained how when he arrived, he realised he hadn’t even packed the essentials like a bank card.

Luckily he told us his friends were more than happy to lend a helping hand:

I was steaming and not in a good frame of mind. I was out at a local nightclub on the Sunday after drinking all weekend and on the Monday everyone decided to stop drinking and I wanted to continue so I seen a post from the birds from Glasgow in Amsterdam and thought: ‘F*ck it, I could just go and join them to continue getting on it’.

My pal was picking his mum up from the airport so it all just fit together perfectly.

Once I got to Amsterdam I ended up going and meeting up with the birds but realised I hadn’t even taken a bank card or changed any money.

But luckily they took it brilliant and supplied me for the three days I was there and even paid for my flight home at the end of it to a raging family and friends.

His family in particular weren’t impressed by his antics, especially since Chris had told his dad he had only gone to McDonald’s for a spot of lunch!

chris lad randomly goes amsterdamUNILAD

Chris’s poor mum was still in Vegas when he visited Amsterdam so came home from holiday to the news.

His dad meanwhile had sent Chris a rather concerned message which read:

Out of all the sh*t you have done over the years, this beats everything.

Why would you do that and risk the only thing you have left – your job?!?

Please explain son because I am speechless at this one.

You said you were going out for a munch, where did Amsterdam come into it? Have you contracted your work yet?

Maybe Chris just fancied having lunch at a place with a view for a change – Amsterdam of course!

Returning home to his family on Wednesday night, Chris confessed they were ‘mad for a good while because I couldn’t explain what goes through my head sometimes’.

He admitted ‘the job ended up not working out any more’ as well.

However, none of this really mattered to Chris who told UNILAD he would do it all again in a heartbeat as ‘what a memory it was’.

In fact, he says he has absolutely no regrets about the whole trip and the consequences!

Although he does wish he packed better only taking very minimal clothing. Oh Chris:

chris lad randomly goes amsterdamUNILAD

Chris’s hilarious story went viral today after his friend Amy shared it on Twitter.

She wrote:

Last year Chris went out and just drove to the airport and went to Amsterdam on his own, just out the blue, never even planned it and I’m creased with laughter.

The internet also found Chris’s antics amusing with the tweet receiving over 10,000 likes at time of writing (August 1).

chris lad randomly goes amsterdamUNILAD

Now an internet hero, it was clearly all worth it in the end.

We can’t wait to see if Chris goes on a random visit to anywhere else!

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