Lad’s Brother-In-Law Takes The Mick Out Of Him By Photoshopping His Pictures

Andrew Bell, from Northumberland, Wedding photosUNILAD

A guy took the mick out of his future brother-in-law by photoshopping pictures of him during a wedding.

20-year-old Andrew Bell, from Northumberland, was enjoying a family wedding, completely unaware his sister’s fiancé, Craig, was taking photos of him and photoshopping his head to look massive, seemingly for no particular reason other than for a laugh.

Here’s a look at some of his work:

Andrew Bell's photoshopped picsUNILAD
wedding guy photoshop brother-in-law head uniladUNILAD
Andrew Bell photoshopped picturesUNILAD

When Craig sent Andrew the photoshopped images he found them hilarious, although he did question where the idea for the bizarre prank came from.

Andrew exclusively told UNILAD:

It was his first big family event that he has been to, and to be perfectly honest we, as a family, can be quite unnerving for new members, as we all like to make jokes about each other and it can be quite full on.

Craig and I spend a lot of time making jokes about each other, but I feel like I have a lot more to say than he does and do give him a had time.

He does like sending the occasional meme but this is the first time I’ve known of him making such an effort in making his own jokes.

The rest of the family have only met him a handful of times so at the wedding I assume he felt a little lost and chose to entertain himself by making ridiculous pictures of me.

I’m not totally sure why he made my head so large though? It’s not like I have a particularly large head in real life!

Well, it’s definitely an imaginative way of keeping yourself entertained, and nerves calm, as you meet the family.

Andrew Bell has his head photoshopped by Brother-in-Law CraigUNILAD

Thinking Craig’s hard work should be seen by more people, Andrew decided to share a few of the photos on Twitter.

He wrote:

Been at a wedding all day and all my sister’s boyfriend has done is photoshop pictures of my head looking massive, and sent me them.

It turned out people on Twitter also appreciated the pics, with the tweet receiving over 29,000 likes at time of writing.

wedding guy photoshop brother-in-law head uniladUNILAD

Andrew couldn’t believe it when the tweet went viral, telling UNILAD:

I thought the tweet may get a couple hundred likes as I thought it was funny and would appeal to the humour of my friends, but I did not expect it to become so widely seen.

Many people have messaged me and asked about it. Everyone so far has thought it was good fun. The tweet grew in popularity so fast I had to turn notifications off on my phone.

My family was surprised when I told them that it had been seen by almost a million people. They didn’t realise it had gotten so big and thought it was a little crazy!

We look forward to seeing what Craig decides to do at the next family event!

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