Lads Don’t Let Floods Spoil Their Summer Plans

ocean beach glasgow floods ladsUNILAD

Two Scottish brothers didn’t let the rain and floods spoil their summer plans setting up ‘Ocean Beach Glesga’ in their garden.

20-year-old Darryl Docherty from Glasgow and his brother Dylan made the most of a bad situation when their garden became flooded thanks to a heavy downpour.

Grabbing a few beers, an outdoor paddling pool and some chairs, the duo set up what they have now called ‘Ocean Beach Glesga’ showing you can still have a good time outside no matter the weather.

ocean beach Glasgow floods ladsUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Darryl explained despite the water being two feet deep he and his brother still enjoyed their time in the backyard.

He said:

The north of Glasgow had a rainstorm and although most of the areas weren’t too bad my house is pretty much built between two hills and so the water flooded our garden.

We were lucky our house is built on a foundation and gave it just enough height to stop the water coming into our house. It was about two foot deep in the garden though an an inch away from coming into our house.

While my mum was panicking me and Dylan decided to make the most of a bad situation and got some beers. Our neighbours’ outdoor pool was floating and we decided to take advantage of it and use it to float in while we drank.

ocean beach Glasgow floods ladsUNILAD

Sharing photos of ‘Ocean Beach Glesga’ on Twitter, Darryl and Dylan quickly went viral as the internet loved their spirit.

Darryl captioned the photos:

Ocean beach Glesga – when life gives ye melons, make melonade.

At time of writing (June 22) the tweet has received over 11,000 likes.

ocean beach Glasgow floods ladsUNILAD

Darryl couldn’t believe how much it blew up telling UNILAD:

I didn’t expect so many people to find the tweet so funny but I think it made a lot of Glaswegians proud as we turned a bad situation into a laugh and didn’t sit in doom and gloom.

I’m happy that people have seen the funny side of it and we gave the message you need to make the most of everything and try to see the good in bad situations.

Good work lads!

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