Liam Gallagher Gives Free Tickets To Guys Who Tried To Sneak Into His Hotel


For millenia, Liam Gallagher has been one of the most unpredictable mavericks in the music world but over the past few weeks we’ve seen an incredibly positive side from the Mancunian epitome of rock and roll.

From playing a sell-out show at the Ritz to raise money for the victims of the barbaric Manchester Arena attack, to his tear jerking performance at the One Love concert just over a week ago. And now Liam has struck again.

Over in the Emerald isle, a country Liam merely knows too well considering his family hail from Charlestown Co. Mayo, LG was getting ready for a gig at The Olympia Theatre in Dublin on Saturday night.

But this story isn’t just about Liam. Oh no. Enter Jordan Keegan and a group of his friends who were all ‘dying’ to meet Liam before the show.


This group of teenagers didn’t have tickets for the show but somehow they were able to find out what hotel he was staying in – so what did they do? They rang up.

Rather quickly the group found out the hotel weren’t going to be giving out information anytime soon so they rang up again and pretended to be Paul, Liam’s older brother, and shockingly the hotel gave Liam’s room number away immediately.

Then again, ‘rather quickly’ they were told to ‘get off the property’.


Speaking to UNILAD, Jordan Keegan said:

Well basically we were dying to meet Liam so we found out what hotel he was in, got a taxi up, and were then told to get off the property.

Then we decided to wait outside for a while and after about an hour, Liam came out to get into his van. When he saw us he got out and was just the nicest guy ever.

He signed everything for us, took a picture with all of us, and as he was getting off he realised we didn’t have tickets for the sold out gig that night so he stuck us all down on the guest list.

It was the best day of my life. The gig was unbelievable. A real dream come true.

But this story gets even better as the whole thing was caught on camera and posted to Liam’s official Facebook page.


Me and the YOOT
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Posted by Liam Gallagher on Wednesday, 14 June 2017

What a stellar guy! As you were.