Loyal Dog Collected His Owner’s Newspaper Every Day Until He Died

Brent Cooper

A Very Good Boy has posthumously won the hearts and minds of the Internet masses after his owner paid tribute to the dog’s passing.

Brent Cooper, 55, from Coatesville in Auckland, New Zealand, shared an adorable video of his late Golden Retriever, Kuva, on one of his daily jaunts to get the morning paper, alongside a heart-warming story of loyalty.

You can watch Kuva being the World’s Best Dog below:

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Brent shared his tribute to the Facebook page, Cool Dog Group, writing:

We live in a rural area and our daily paper is tossed onto the bottom of our driveway by the contractor.

One morning I went to get it and it was on the front porch. Same thing the next morning… and the next.

The next day I got up a bit earlier and saw our 4-year-old Retriever bringing the paper up the driveway in his mouth.

He had seen me go down and get it every morning so taught himself to do it for me. And he did it every morning for the next ten years of his wonderful life, rain, hail or shine. Until last year. RIP Kuva you were indeed a super cool dog.

Brent Cooper

Mr Cooper told UNILAD how Kuva collected the newspaper every single day until he passed away aged 15.

The 55-year-old animal lover continued:

About a year after he had taught himself to go down for the paper we got electric gates, so he had to wait for me to open them. Kuva would be waiting for me on the front porch every morning.

I would simply come out and say ‘Get it’ and he would trot off down the dive, put the paper in his mouth and wait for me to open the gates again by remote.

He would be rewarded with a ‘good boy’ and a biscuit.

Brent Cooper

The Cooper family has been overwhelmed by love for Kuva, who Brent tells us was ‘named after a very special Fijian man we met on a family holiday on Vatulele Island’, and his warm posthumous reception on social media.

Brent told us how grateful the Cooper family is for their time with Kuva, adding:

He was an incredibly loyal dog, especially to our daughter Shelby. He would follow her absolutely everywhere.

He was the kindest most lovely dog ever – you can see just how much our little kitten literally looked up to him.

Brent Cooper

Brent paid his final tribute:

We all miss him so much but we were lucky to have him as part of our life for so long.

RIP Kuva, you were a very good boy.