Man Finds Secret Forgotten Safe Behind Plug Socket In His House

by : UNILAD on : 18 Jun 2017 17:50
Euan Wright

I’ve always dreamt about stumbling across some treasure – well that and my beloved Aston Villa winning the Premier League.


I always get a little green-eyed when I hear those stories about people finding things in their lofts that turn out to be worth s**t loads, or having an old vase from a car-boot that turns out to be from the 14th-century.

Shame I’ve only got board games, old football shirts and teddy bears gathering dust – mind you, I reckon my Care Bears could be worth a bit.


Anyway,…I’ve never had a safe, I don’t think my parents have ever had a safe, and I’ve definitely never come across a hidden one in any house I’ve lived in!


That wasn’t the case for one lucky lad who stumbled across a sneaky little find of his own.

While decorating his new house, Euan Wright, from Stirling and his friend Louise Smith, stumbled across an electric plug socket, that was purely a disguise.

Euan Wright

Not realising it didn’t work for nearly six weeks, it was only when they started decorating the room that they discovered the plug socket was indeed fake… and was disguising a safe.

Euan said it was fairly easy to open:

I just had to knock out a small metal plate with a screwdriver and that was that!

And here’s the best bit. What was found?…

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Euan did indeed find contents belonging to the safe’s former owner, but in layman’s terms, he walked away with diddly squat!


Euan said that they didn’t find much at all and the excitement was short-lived:

The lock-box contained a debit card from Abbey National that expired in 2006 and, hilariously, the receipt for the safe – we think.

Talk about getting your hopes up eh!

Euan Wright

Still, Euan saw the funny side saying:

Most people just get a lifetime of crippling debt when they buy a house but we got a funny story and some Reddit gold out of it too.

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Chin up Euan, while you may lack in financial discovery you have certainly become richer in anecdotes for the pub.

Now to check my house for fake sockets.

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