Man Goes For A Pint After Work And Wakes Up In Majorca Hours Later

Alun Griffiths goes on holidayUNILAD

We’ve all made some fairly questionable decisions after drinking, but one guy took it a step further and found himself in Majorca.

Alun Griffiths, from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, had only intended on enjoying a couple of ‘quiet drinks’ with around 15 of his friends, but after waking up that day in a ‘stupid mood’, it didn’t take long before things escalated.

The 27-year-old said he received a phone call from his girlfriend telling him his dinner was ready, but by this point he was already in another country.

Alun griffiths MajorcaUNILAD

After a day at work, Alun had gone down to the Gurnos Club in his home town to meet his mates – and there, a plan came together.

He told UNILAD:

I went out on Thursday afternoon with the lads for a few quiet pints when someone mentioned a holiday, to which I said f**k it let’s go now!

They all said ‘no’, except one lad Nigel, so we ran home quickly to pack a case and grab our passport. I had literally a rucksack of clothes to go, we went to Cardiff airport and asked what the next flight out was. The only one was 10:40pm to Palma.

Alun Griffiths MajorcaUNILAD

So what did they do? They got on that plane and they managed to get out and about on the Magaluf strip by 2am – where things again, escalated.

And by escalated, I mean his drunk mate did what many have done before, and got himself a tattoo he may live to regret.

Alun told UNILAD:

We ended up in Magaluf strip at 2am, and my mate was intoxicated, so I convinced him to get a tattoo of a girl he had a one night stand with on his chest and he had the tattooist’s name for some reason.

We only had a one way ticket out there and no hotel or means to get home. So we stayed out drinking until 6am, fell asleep on the beach until 7:30am.

Alun Griffiths MajorcaUNILAD

After a quick hour and 30 minute rest, the guys decided to get back on the pints.

Alun said:

Security had to wake us up because we were on a private beach, so we started drinking all day again. After a couple of days, we were ready to go home.

When the lads touched down, they didn’t quite go straight home however, they immediately went back to the Gurnos Club where the whole thing had started.

Alun told UNILAD his girlfriend took the news of his adventure fairly well, but he’s now been given a bit of a warning about his ‘stupid ideas’.

He said:

She took it in her stride, and she made me fresh food to come home to, but I have been warned these stupid ideas have got to stop now.

Pretty safe to say that’s fair!

And if you were left wondering what Alun’s mate’s tattoo looked like, here it is in all its glory:

UNILADAlun Griffiths

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