Man Lucky To Be Alive After Freak Accident While iPhone Charged Overnight


This man is seriously lucky to be alive after being almost fatally electrocuted while charging his iPhone. 

There have been some pretty scary stories circulating of exploding phones on charge and this was very nearly the fate of Wiley Day.

The unfortunate Day had his phone on charge by his bed while he slept, like he did every night, except this time he came extremely close to death…


The 32-year-old’s iPhone was plugged into an extension cord by his bed, when he fell asleep wearing his chain which horrifyingly slipped between the metal prongs of the charger.

Next thing Wiley knew, 110 volts of electricity were shooting through his body, causing him to leap out of bed while his necklace burned away the flesh on his neck.

He told WAAY-TV:

My necklace became a conductor. It was the worst alarm clock you could ever have in life.

Wiley Day

The stricken man managed to remove the necklace from his singed neck and turned round to see his bedsheets smoking as his niece raced into the room.

He recalled:

She said I kept yelling ‘Jesus!’

Following the horror of his near death situation in which he said he remembered thinking ‘This is how you die,’ he drove to the doctor who quickly sent him to hospital.

Wiley Day

He added:

I could taste burnt wire in my mouth. My hand still has the chain print on it.

His second and third degree burns were so severe, he was then taken to University of Alabama’s Trauma Burn Intensive Care Unit, Birmingham, Alabama.

Wiley was extremely lucky to be alive, but has still sustained horrific burns to his neck, chest and hand as well as torn tissue in his left shoulder after the electricity exited his body.

Wiley Day

Dr Benjamin Fail exclaimed to WAAY-TV, 100 volts can kill a person, which is a shuddering thought given Wiley was hit by 110!

He continued:

He is lucky to be alive.

Wiley – who is a behaviour therapist at a junior high school – explained how he didn’t think about the consequences of buying a cheap extension cord.


The American Burn Association however, have said these types of products are at the root of 4,700 residential fires which kill about 50 people and injure 280 every year.

He has described his shocking experience as a ‘wake up call,’ and speaking to UNILAD said he thanks his ‘Lord and saviour Jesus Christ for saving my life.’

Day also plans to warn others about the dangers of charging your phone overnight or while your asleep and is willing to travel to promote his cause.

He added:

I know God saved me because my situation was one in a million.

But we are all so plugged in all the time I just can’t help but think.

Wiley Day

Wiley has suffered a truly horrific ordeal, but is extremely lucky to be alive.

His experience serves as a powerful warning think carefully where you place your phone when it charges – especially not if you’re wearing conductive material.