Man’s Dog Is His Best Man At Wedding

best man dog weddingUNILAD

The phrase ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ is pretty common but for Timmy Moutrie and Bruce it has never been more true.

While you may have heard of people involving their pets in their weddings, I mean they are members of the family so why not, our furry companions usually don a smart outfit or play the role of ring-bearer.

31-year-old Timmy from Colorado, America, though felt his pup Bruce deserved to play a bigger role, that of best man simply because, at the end of the day, he is Timmy’s best friend.

If you don’t ‘awwww’ at the handsome photo of him below you must have a heart of stone:

best man dog weddingUNILAD

Timmy and his wife adopted Bruce, a three year old pitbull crossed with a shar pei, back in July 2017 and ever since then they have been inseparable.

Speaking to UNILAD, Timmy explained how Bruce didn’t have the best start in life:

He had spent his life chained up to a fence and now he’s our little adventure buddy in the mountains.

We adopted him and he has been an absolute light in our lives.

He’s the sweetest, most gentle dog you can imagine. We are actually in the process of getting him certified to be a therapy dog at our local hospital.

Bruce has certainly come a long way then and of course had to be Timmy’s best man, if it was anyone else it wouldn’t have been right!

best man dog weddingUNILAD

During the ceremony Bruce ‘behaved tremendously’ as Timmy’s brother walked him down the aisle before he sat down by the groom’s feet.

And Bruce wasn’t the only doggo involved in the wedding as Timmy’s wife’s dog Zeke, a 12-year-old husky crossed with a malamute, also ‘waddled down the aisle’ as the ring-bearer.

This wedding sounds so cute I wish I was invited!

best man dog weddingUNILAD

Timmy told UNILAD the guests couldn’t get enough of Bruce and Zeke:

It was a pretty stunning experience. I don’t think a lot of the guests realised our dogs were a part of the ceremony, and Bruce and my brother were the third set of people walking down the aisle.

There were a lot of laughs coupled with what sounded like happy tears. His tux was definitely a highlight.

Bruce’s dashing tuxedo is our favourite thing about all of this too!

best man dog weddingUNILAD

It wasn’t just Timmy’s wedding guests who adored Bruce as the internet has also shown him a lot of love.

Three days ago Timmy shared a photo of himself and Bruce from the wedding on Reddit and it instantly went viral receiving, at time of writing (September 14), over 40,800 upvotes.

Timmy couldn’t believe the response the photo received:

I thought it might do okay but definitely didn’t expect this kind of response.

The response has been a typical one in terms of the way popular things go on the internet go, a few nice comments about the dog and my suit, a lot of jokes about how huge my feet look in the photo (they really do look massive in the photo), and then a handful of messages telling me I’m a loser and a piece of sh*t for having a dog as my best man in my wedding.

It’s always fun to read what strangers think about you based on a photo. I enjoy it, honestly.

The haters are always going to hate so just do what Taylor Swift says and ‘shake it off’!

best man dog weddingUNILAD

Timmy and his wife hope one day to start running a sanctuary in Colorado to support animals like Bruce who just need that loving home.

We wish them all the best!

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