Man’s Nephew Helps Him Propose

nephew helps proposalUNILAD

People can take weeks if not months to plan a proposal, it has to be perfect, as it can be one of the biggest moments in anyone’s life.

However, some have a eureka moment being hit by last minute inspiration, as 30-year-old Kevin Sullivan from Wisconsin, USA, discovered.

Although Kevin knew where and when he wanted to go down on one knee, he still wasn’t sure exactly how he would ask his girlfriend Aubry to marry him.

nephew helps proposalUNILAD

Planning on asking the big question one Saturday at a small, locally owned ice cream and candy shop called The Ranison, Kevin knew the location would be perfect because he and Aubry had their first date there over two years ago. How sweet!

Wanting to add an extra cute touch though, the day before he proposed Kevin asked his four year old nephew Liam whether he could help.

Being more than happy to oblige, on the day Liam ran over to Aubry saying ‘will you please marry my bubba’ to which she emotionally said yes!

You can watch the adorable moment here:

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Kevin explained how he was nervous in the moments leading up to the proposal, especially because Liam can be a loose cannon.

He said:

When I called my brother to ask, he told me that he would work with Liam on it and they’d meet us at the shop around two the next day. This is not unusual for us as we all love ice cream and we hang out a lot.

The plan was for Liam to ask Aubry if she would marry me, and then I would pull out the ring. I was nervous for this because Liam is sort of a wild card and we had no idea when he was going to pop the question.

There was a good chance that he was going to just say it as soon as he saw her, but he kept his cool and didn’t even hint at it until my brother told him it was go time.

With Kevin standing next to Aubry, Liam was given the nod and walked up asking the question as the groom-to-be got down on one knee pulling out a ring.

Following up Liam’s question by saying ‘well, will you’, Kevin was delighted to get a yes hugging both Aubry and his young nephew.

nephew helps proposalUNILAD

Kevin admits it did take Aubry a while to realise what was happening even though she knew he had bought a ring.

He explained:

Aubry knew I had a ring but she had no idea I was proposing that day. I always dodged the subject and brushed it off by saying we just weren’t financially ready.

This was a good way for her to forget about it for a couple weeks. At first, she didn’t really know what to say.

When Liam asked if she would marry me, she thought he was just making conversation because he’s heard us talking about it before and knew that one day we would be married.

He is very clever like that and is great at carrying on conversations with adults, so she assumed that’s what he was doing. Then when she realised what was going on she got really excited and emotional.

Liam was also pretty thrilled exclaiming ‘it worked’ when Aubry gave her answer.

nephew helps proposalUNILAD

For Kevin, getting Liam to help propose meant a lot; the two have a very close bond.

He explained how he helped raise his nephew while his brother served in the army:

He is my identical twin brother’s first born and is light years ahead of other kids his age as far as personality and intelligence goes. That kid just soaks up everything and doesn’t stop learning.

I helped my brother and sister-in-law raise him since he was born as my brother is in the Army Reserves and has been gone for long stretches.

I moved in with them when we found out she was pregnant to help while he was on deployment. This is how Liam and I became so close. He grew up calling me Bubba.

He is one of my best buds and I will always be so grateful for having him in my life!

nephew helps proposalUNILAD

Although Kevin and Aubry have only just started wedding planning, they are already thinking about how to get Liam involved on the big day.

We wish you all the best with the wedding!

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