Market Stall Holders Get Revenge On Girl Who Left Her Car There Overnight

by : UNILAD on : 28 Jul 2017 17:35
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We’re all guilty of parking our cars in questionable places while we run an errand or pop to the shops.


We’re all also aware of the immense feeling of relief we feel when we get back and nothing untoward has happened to it.

Well, as Khembe Gibbons is well aware, things aren’t always that simple.

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Khembe left her car parked overnight while she stayed at a friend’s house, only to return the morning after to find a rather strange sight.


Khembe, a 19-year-old bartender in the town, told UNILAD:

I was like: “Fuck, the market’s on, the market’s on! What do I do?! My car is going to have been towed, this isn’t funny.”

She looked around for her car, but couldn’t find it anywhere near where she had parked.

It was then she realised she’d forgotten it was market day in Bury St. Edmunds and – possibly with no other option -the traders had built their stall around her car, blocking it in in the process.

Amazingly, they even set up a tent over her car.

She said:

I stood there in shock thinking okay I definitely can’t move that, and I had to really embarrassingly apologise to the stall owners.

They just shook their heads and looked fairly annoyed, and said: “You’ll have to come back later and get it. It’s your fault.”

So I apologised about 12 times and just edged away slowly.

market stall holdersmarket stall holdersTwitter/ rambogiblet

Khembe’s car was stuck in the market from 7am until 5.15pm when she finally got access to move it.

She told UNILAD she’s going to be much more careful about her parking habits in the future and that she might have to ‘try and use her brain’.

Khembe’s tweet has racked up hundreds of likes on Twitter, mostly from around Bury St. Edmunds.

She also received a fair few videos of people walking past her car and laughing at her.

market stall holdersmarket stall holdersTwitter/ rambogiblet

A lot of people’s comments were ‘only you would do that’, which Khembe says speaks for itself.

She told us:

I’m extremely lucky I didn’t get towed or a ticket, getting my car back home safely was a shock to me and I’m grateful.

The whole thing has been a hilarious experience – and a lesson, don’t get me wrong – and hopefully I don’t make any more stupid mistakes again!

The lesson here, don’t piss of market stall holders, they will mess up your life.

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