Meet The Man Who Became Millionaire At 16 Designing Clothes In His Parent’s Garage

Dhillan Bhadwaj/Instagram

For some people becoming a millionaire is just a dream – but one man made it a reality at the age of just 16, by designing clothes.

Dhillan Bhadwaj, now 21, has seen the likes of Miley Cyrus, Drake, Taylor Swift, and Zara Larsson wearing and requesting his designs and he even handed a top over to Rihanna’s family for the star to wear.

At 16, Dhillan launched his brand, Ratchet Clothing, in his parent’s garage in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, and one year later, he’d made more than a million – he’d even been invited for tea with the Prime Minister, although the ‘food was sh*t’.

Speaking to UNILAD, he revealed some of his best moments so far:

I will never forget being approached by Rihanna’s team to make her something bespoke, that was lit. I trended world wide on Twitter, which then got the attention of Miley Cyrus.

Miley ended up inviting me to her Birmingham show and we hung out after.

Oh and David Cameron – and I had no idea who he was until I met him – invited me round for tea at  Number 10 when he was Prime Minister, the food was sh*t but it was a cool experience.

As well as designing clothes, Dhillan travels around the country giving motivational speeches to young people and students.

Hand made since 2012.

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He makes sure he keeps himself busy and likes to be involved in all aspects of his business.

Continuing to UNILAD, a very humble and hard-working Dhillan said:

I’m currently in the middle of releasing my Spring/Summer ’18 collection, writing a book, working with more than 70 different clothing brands to help them start up a company, printing and supplying for them – on top of running my own business too!

I’m a motivational speaker so I’m visiting different universities, colleges and secondary schools weekly.

I love being busy, I love being stuck in with every aspect of my business. I run the social media everyday so I get to speak to my customers daily and help them choose the best items to suit them.

Dhillan said he credits his customers for being his motivation, telling UNILAD:

My motivation is definitely the nice messages I get daily and just seeing my customers happy and proud when they’re wearing my garments.

Especially when I’m out and about and see someone, it’s like a realisation check. I get so excited, I feel like running up to them and saying ‘I MADE THAT’.

And if his has to come down to one person who inspires him, it’s Rihanna.

Dhillan told UNILAD:

I love her work ethic, her ability to do what she wants with her life and how she gives zero f*cks about what anyone has to say.

I think that’s a very important message people should take in these days, especially the youth of today.

So what’s it like to be a millionaire?

He told us:

I think being able to buy myself things I would never imaged to buy in my existence.

Travelling the world with the company is amazing, I’ve had my own TV show, and I also lived in the Big Brother house for a whole week, it wasn’t filmed, we were used for camera and lighting testing ready for the live shows [laughs], but it was cool to live there for a week!

Dhillan, who once appeared on Channel 4’s Coach Trip recently filmed a new Channel 5 show called Rich Kids Go Skint.

He told UNILAD:

It’s a show where young ‘rich’ individuals live with a family on benefits.

To me it just felt normal, before myself and my family got the house we are in now and the very fortunate financial place we are in – and we’ve all worked super hard to get to where we are – we used to live on the breadline.

We weren’t on benefits but we had to budget a lot, especially through my childhood. The show is crazy, funny and very heart-warming, my episode is anyway [laughs].

It’s like a sequel to the Rich Kids Go Shopping show I did a while back, you can expect some shocks, loads of laughs with the amazing family I lived with, and some fun tasks I had to do along the way.

Dhillan, remains completely down-to-Earth and has ‘literally two friends’, as well as always making sure he talks to his fans, occasionally hanging out with them too.

He told UNILAD:

I just like to make people happy; I have two friends, literally. My circle is small; I just want to keep inspiring and helping people and become successful.

My aspirations are to always try and be there for as many people as I can.

With this journey of starting my own brand I’ve gained a large-ish social media following, and loads of people message me with their personal problems.

I meet my brand’s fans, we go out, I’ve stayed round their houses, we party, we drink, we eat. We’re literally a big family!

The first episode of Rich Kids Go Skint starts on Wednesday (April 18) at 9pm on channel 5Star.

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