Mia Khalifa Went To The Doctors And Everyone Made The Same Joke

Mia Khalifa/Instagram

Mia Khalifa took a trip to the doctor yesterday and posted a very happy photo on her Instagram page. Now everyone is making the same joke.

The 24-year-old former adult actress said she was suffering from neck and back pain, thanking her doctor for enabling her to ‘from not being able to turn my head to full motion again in under an hour’.

Of course the questions came rolling in about why she had such bad neck pain, and as for the back pain, most people assumed it was due to her sizeable chest.

In the Instagram post, Mia wrote:

Thank you @universalrehab and Dr. Regalado for fixing my neck and back today!! I was a walk-in and was seen and treated right away!

Went from not being able to turn my head to full motion again in under an hour!! Follow them if y’all want to see how the magic happens.

Mia Khalifa/Instagram

Among the comments were numerous offers to fix her back, and never-ending crude insinuations of how she repaid the doctor.

One commenter wrote: ‘Not surprised you had a bad back with the size of them watermelons’, while another said: ‘Gee I wonder why your neck and back hurt, it certainly isn’t from your past job’.

The other joke that was made countless times was that the doctor was not in fact medically qualified, but a porn star starring in Mia’s next film.

A commenter said:

Ofc he tended to u right away he thought it was gonna be one of those Brazzers moments.

She was never going to get away with saying she had neck and back pain without a barrage of jokes.

The former adult actress isn’t scared of showing her strong opinions on things, most recently against Ajit Pai, who angered many people with his stance on net neutrality, which has effectively removed the rights of ordinary people to access a free and equal internet.

Only last week, Pai voted to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order, causing outrage among many Americans.

And Mia didn’t hold back when Pai apparently slid into her DMs, really letting her opinions be known…

It appeared the Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) propositioned Mia with an offer she could definitely refuse.

The Republican politician’s inner smooth guy was unleashed online with the following surprising direct message:

Hello Mia, very big fan of your work and was wondering if you would allow me to take you out to dinner sometime? Up to you.

Big mistake, mate…


Ten minutes later, outspoken Mia made her highly-amused reply and it probably wasn’t the response he was looking for:

lmfaooo aren’t you the piece of sh*t who wants to take away net neutrality?

At this outright rebuttal, Pai huffed:

A simple ‘No’ would have done, have a nice day.

Perhaps a little too harshly, Mia continued to laugh at her unlucky admirer, remarking:

lmaooo you’re so ugly.

Except it turns out it was all a bit of FAKE NEWS uploaded by Huzlers.

But ‘I’m a big fan of your work’… no words.