Middle Class Guy Asks Dad For A Meal Deal, Gets 3 Course Meal Instead

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Supermarket meal deals are the milk that keep modern youth alive and well, but I guess the phrase means something slightly different to the older generations.

Dan Costello, from Salford, asked his dad to pick him up a £3 meal deal, encouraging him to get the most expensive items to make the most of the deal… the only time anyone splashes out on an Innocent smoothie.

When he went to the fridge to get his sandwich, drink, crisp combo, it was nowhere to be found. But what his dad had bought, was a three course meal complete with cured ham and leek open wellingtons, Blackberry and apple crumble, and a bottle of rosé wine.

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Speaking about his dad, Dan told UNILAD:

He’s definitely always been middle class but I wouldn’t say he’s posh, definitely picked up some of the Salford slang anyway so he doesn’t sound that posh except his phone voice.

He’s got to have actually heard of a meal deal he always gets them. Everyone loves a meal deal but I think in his eyes a meal deal is a meal not a butty, crips, drink though. He just must not have had a name for it.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an Open Wellington before but we all love crumble and he knows I’ve got a soft spot for rosé. The Open Wellingtons were actually well nice though and the crumble, so even though it was ridiculous, it was actually a belting meal deal.

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Dan continued:

I was out by the time he got back from Tesco so I came in and checked the fridge before leaving for work to take it with me like ‘f*ck’s sake, he’s forgotten the meal deal’. So I rang him cos he’d gone out by then and he said something like ‘it’s in the fridge I got you some wellingtons, a crumble and a bottle of rose’, and I just burst out laughing, he didn’t get it at all.

I spent a few minutes just telling him how funny it was, so I explained what I did mean like a Ploughman’s, Oasis and Quavers for example and it clicked he did say he thought he’d done well cos he saved £8 on it but definitely missed the point.

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A three course meal isn’t a bad turnout when you’re just expecting a sandwich!

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