Most Haunted Finally Caught Ghost On Camera Leaving Presenter in Tears

Really / Most Haunted

Most Haunted caught their first ever ‘ghost’ on camera – after fifteen years of aimlessly running around in the dark.

For those of you unfamiliar with the TV phenomenon Most Haunted, it’s a British show where highly suggestible people spend a night in an old house and get terribly excited at the slightest unusual noise.

It’s like Ghostbusters ‘the teenage years’ where everyone is very excitable but they haven’t really got a budget yet. It is brilliant television.

Really / Most Haunted

However, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, after fifteen years of trying (yes, fifteen years) they never actually managed to film a ghost. Yet we keep going back week after week.

However, in April this year, our pateience and loyalty was rewarded with a glimpse into the afterlife. Apparently.

The Most Haunted team were spending a spooky evening in Wentworth Woodhouse stable block near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, that was built in 1630 by Thomas Wentworth, the first Earl of Strafford, when this happened.

You can watch the ‘ghost’ and decide for yourself whether there is now definitely life after death:

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I for one am now completely convinced that the afterlife is totally a real thing.

I’m going to cancel my gym subscription and take up roller-derby.

In case you missed it you can clearly see the totally-real ghost here:

Really / Most Haunted

Presenter Yvette Fielding said:

Was it the presence of the spirit of a long dead soul, a doppelganger, Stone Tape Replay or something else we are never supposed to understand?

Fielding and Glen Hunt have since addressed the elephant in the room. Was the Wentworth ghost sighting faked?

Many de-bunkers have suggested the ghost was just Stuart dressed in a hoodie:

Yvette admitted she was so overwhelmed by the ‘amazing piece of footage, and the first time I saw it, I actually burst into tears’, adding ‘that is the best piece of paranormal evidence’.

Glen Hunt, the resident sceptic on Most Haunted, also revealed the footage ‘couldn’t possibly be tampered with’, demonstrating how the evidence is visible on the raw footage straight from the camera.

Meanwhile, in other ghost-hunting news, a creepy photograph taken at the hotel that helped inspire The Shining captures what appears to be two little girl ghosts.

Warner Bros.

John Mausling and his wife, Jessica Martinez-Mausling, were visiting the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, which inspired Stephen King to write his best-selling horror novel.

While on a so-called ‘spirit tour’ of the location, John snapped a photograph of their 11-strong tour group loitering on the staircase, thinking nothing of it.

It was only when the couple got home and looked through their photoreel, they noticed they’d captured something quite peculiar, Jessica told UNILAD.

John Mausling

Jessica told UNILAD:

During the time of taking the picture we didn’t see any little girl, especially one dressed the way this one was. It wasn’t until we got home that I spotted something on the stairs.

I did verify with the entire group that was with us that night and nobody saw her. One thing that keeps being left out in all the stories on the internet is that I also called the Stanley to check with tour guide as well, she also did not see her.

The only kids that were on the tour were my friend’s two sons and they were both 12 and 14. The spirit tour does not allow kids under 10 years old after 7:30pm on the tour.

John Mausling

After staying in the hotel in 1974, and having a paranormal encounter, King called it ‘the perfect ― maybe the archetypal ― setting for a ghost story’.

Now, it’s no bloke in a hoody in an old house in the middle of England, but this is surely evidence Stephen King knew more than he was letting on.

Happy hunting, folks!