Mum ‘Faints’ As Daughter Spends Her Own Money On Shopping

Girl who got funny text from mum after spending her own moneyUNILAD

Having kids has got to be one of the most expensive things you can do in your life. Rewarding? Absolutely. Expensive? Definitely. So I can’t imagine the relief when they start spending their own money.

Nicole Brown, from Scotland, was shopping with her friend and decided to buy some cosmetics with her own money, and when she told her mum, she was not expecting the response she got.

Her mum sent her a hilarious photo and the 16-year-old couldn’t stop laughing when she saw it, and neither could Twitter after she shared it.

Girl who got funny text from mum after spending her own moneyUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD about when she got the text, Nicole said:

I was in town getting food with one of my friends and then I went into Superdrug and saw fake tan and teeth whitening on sale which I planned to order that night online but it was on a discount so I just bought it in the store.

So I text my mum to tell her I’d bought it and she got my dad to take the picture of her on the floor fainting because I’d spent my own money.

The farcical photo shows her mum splayed on a marble floor as if she had just fainted followed by texts saying ‘sorry fainted, can’t believe you bought something with your own money’.

Girl who got funny text from mum after spending her own moneyUNILAD

After seeing the photo, I can’t stop imagining the moment before the photo was taken. The excitement when her mum had the idea to send the photo, the planning behind the shoot, and the moment Nicole’s dad took the photo.

I wonder how much planning was put into the pose, and how many takes she had to do. I reckon she’s a seasoned meme machine and only needed one take.

Without knowing it, she became a meme, with commenters on Twitter tagging their mates saying ‘me when you spend your own money’, giving mums out there a picture worth a thousand words.

Hilarious photo from mumUNILAD

Nicole posted the image to Twitter captioned ‘when you buy something with your own money’, and it received over 3k retweets and 21k likes.

There were many cry-laughing emojis, and most people were tagging their daughter, mums, or partners. She really brought everyone together beautifully through passive aggression.

Talking about the reaction the photo got, Nicole said:

When I told her she loved it and kept making jokes like ‘has anyone asked for my autograph yet’ and just finds it so funny and I wasn’t expecting it to get that many likes or retweets.

Tweet about the message from her mumUNILAD

One commenter explained the difference between parent’s money and your own:

When you have £5 you really want to keep it but if it’s your parents £5 it’s nothing and it’s gone in minutes.

Another tagged their friend saying ‘Me the day I found out you actually owned a bank card/purse’.

Text messages about mum's reactionUNILAD

Nicole’s mum has given me inspiration for how I want to be as a parent.

If you can’t find joy in making small and hilarious digs at your kids, why even have them?

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