Mum Finds Son’s ‘Bag Of Drugs’ And Couldn’t Be More Wrong

by : UNILAD on : 27 Apr 2018 18:56

It’s every kid’s worst fear when they hear their mum’s been rooting through their drawers. Ben was particularly shocked when he received a message from his about what she’d found.


17-year-old Ben was going about his day when his mum sent him a photo of what she thought was tobacco, and a hilarious conversation ensued.

When you look at the picture, as pointed out by Ben in the messages, it does look like a ‘ripped tea bag’. To be fair, as a concerned parent I would find it weird to find a ripped tea bag in my kid’s drawer, so I can see where her suspicion arose from.


On the other hand, I’m not sure I’d want to be looking through my teenage son’s drawers, in the grand scheme of things I guess an old tea bag isn’t so bad.


The conversation went as follows:

Mum: So can you tell me what this is? No lies. (picture of ripped tea bag)
Ben: Looks like a ripped tea bag to me mum?
Mum: No it’s a very small bag that was in your side drawer Ben. Definitely not a tea bag.
Ben: It’s a tea bag.
Mum: (Picture of ripped tea bag again, next to an un-ripped one) Don’t treat me like a mug.
Mum: Why would you keep that?


Ben: I didn’t know it was there
Mum: Right.
Ben: But keep searching my room
Mum: Will do. Will the police come to the same conclusion about the tea bag?
Ben: Yes (cry-faces) it’s tea!!
Mum: Whatever. I’m done
Ben: With what? It’s tea. I didn’t even know it’s in there. Plus what else have I done? Jesus Christ. Put it in boiling water.


Speaking to UNILAD, Ben said:

So my mum knows kids my age smoke, and she was in my room looking in my drawer for her hairbrush I had borrowed and found this tea bag which I genuinely had no clue was there.

I’ve completely forgotten how it got here and I know it’s a weird thing to have in my room, so of course my mum was suspicious that it was something else. This is where I receive the message from her and the rest of the conversation is in the photos. We now know it really was just a tea bag!


Though Ben’s mum seemed annoyed at the potential tobacco or weed, it seems her sense of humour didn’t fail her.

In response to Ben reassuring her it was a tea bag, she said:

Don’t treat me like a mug

Commenters on Ben’s post noticed her witty pun, which I’m still not sure was intentional, with one saying: ‘Was “don’t treat me like a mug” intentional?’

Ben’s tweeted the conversation with the caption:

When I’m losing my car over a tea bag she thought was weed… sorry mum.

His tweet was retweeted 985 times, and liked 5.1k times, with countless cry face emojis.

Talking about the reaction that his tweet got, Ben said:

At first, I put it on Twitter just to show my school mates and had no idea the reaction would be like it has.

I think the response it has received is hilarious because so many people have retweeted about their own similar stories.

People particularly liked the line where Ben told his mum to test her theory by ‘[putting] it in boiling water’.


It turns out that Ben’s mum was only looking for a hairbrush he borrowed when she found the ‘suspicious-looking’ package.

As for lessons learned, Ben said ‘just don’t keep old tea bags’.

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