Mum Sends Incredibly Awkward Messages To Random Person She Thought Was Son


Mums aren’t the best on Facebook. Everyone has a ‘you won’t believe what my mum just did’ moment on social media, and this tale is a hilarious one of those.

Aiden Anderson’s mum had a hilarious face-palm situation when she messaged a load of abrupt messages to her ‘son’.

Except it wasn’t her son, it was a random other guy with the same name, and what’s funnier, is when he told her she had the wrong guy, she didn’t believe him.

Twitter screenshot of message exchangeUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Aiden said:

I was winding my mum up commenting on stuff on her Facebook so she blocked me and I told her to unblock me and for some reason, she thought she already had unblocked me and thought that profile was me ( she doesn’t bother checking ) and messaged him.

My mum just thinks it’s funny looking back on it, the boy who she messaged is actually from the same place my mum works which is rather funny.

I didn’t expect it to go very far on twitter – my mum thinks it’s funny, she’s slightly embarrassed but she’s always about a good laugh.

Mom messages guy by mistakeUNILAD

Aiden’s mum, Debbie, messaged him saying ‘add me’, to which the random guy just said ‘nah’…you can still see why she’d think it was her Aiden having a bit of banter at this point.

The conversation continued:

Debbie: Stop moaning that you’re blocked then

Wrong Aiden: All I said was nah but that’s fine

Debbie: You keep saying I’ve blocked you when I haven’t

Wrong Aiden: Think you’ve got the wrong person sorry

Debbie: Shut up

Wrong Aiden: Right, I have absolutely no f*cking clue who you are. You have got the wrong f*cking person. I don’t know why you are speaking to me but I’m severely not interested if you’re just going to be rude as f*ck. Thanks and bye. Blocked

Debbie: I’m very sorry I thought you were my son Aiden Anderson.

Mom messages random guy by mistakeUNILAD

Poor Debbie realised her error and then sent some apologies to the wrong Aiden, along with an explanation, before saying: ‘I did wonder why he had a random boy in his profile picture’ followed by cry faces. I can imagine the pain behind those crying emojis to be honest.

Debbie, who apparently is laughing it all off, messaged actual son Aiden screenshots of the conversation and said: ‘Aiden wait till u see this’ [sic].

Naturally, Aiden posted them to Twitter captioned: ‘my mum messaged some random guy thinking it was me and I am dying’, and his tweet got 329 retweets and 3.3k likes, at the time of writing.

Mom messages random guy by mistakeUNILAD

One user said:

What a mum thing to do there’s a random guy in his picture but this must be her son.

Other users branded the tweet as ‘fake’ and ‘cringe’, but I think it seems like a pretty classic ‘mum’ moment.

Hopefully the other Aiden saw the humour in it and stopped being so angry.

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