Mum Shamed For Breastfeeding Hits Back By Doing It In Front Of ‘Haters’

by : UNILAD on : 22 Nov 2017 15:15
Brittni Medina / Facebook

A woman who was shamed for breastfeeding at Disneyland has hit back, by taking a photo in front of the people she said were openly disapproving.

Posting the image on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, Brittni Medina she said her son is 10-months-old, so they’re ‘pretty comfortable feeding anywhere’.

Brittni, from Ontario, California, has two children, Jeremiah and Micah and told UNILAD she used to cover up more, but ‘people complain and stare no matter what’.


Posted by Brittni Medina on Tuesday, 5 April 2016

She told UNILAD:

My family and I are Annual Pass Holders at Disney and try and take our sons on weekends.

This was our first day going to see all the Christmas decorations at the park so we were really excited to get all the holiday pictures in.

We were standing in a long line to take a picture in front of the Cars Land sign and it was almost our turn when my son just couldn’t wait to be fed, so, in order to get a happy boy picture, I fed him in line.

These ladies were seriously saying I should go and find a restroom. I covered up with my first son and to be honest, people complain and stare no matter what.

Posted by Brittni Medina on Saturday, 12 November 2016


She said she couldn’t believe she was being treated like this by people at Disney, telling UNILAD:

It’s a place meant for kids!

I scooted over so they could be in the frame to get a picture. I didn’t know my husband actually got them so good! Mid-complaining – I was so happy.

I love the photo because it shows I’m happy and proud to feed my baby even in a crowd! My son is happy, my husband and I were happy – it’s just sad how people get so bothered!

So we are APs and go to Disney often. Well my little man is 10months and BF! So we’re pretty comfortable feeding…

Posted by Brittni Medina on Saturday, 18 November 2017

Brittni’s Facebook post read:


So we are APs and go to Disney often. Well my little man is ten months and BF! So we’re pretty comfortable feeding anywhere; any way.

Well these ladies were so angry by my husband just had to take a picture. Peep the haters. Characters of the day. Just had to get a picture!

UPDATE: Because people want to act all bent out of shape no I was not walking around feeding him in this moment, (I have though before and would do it again).

I was standing in a very long line to get our picture taken, my son got hungry and I wasn’t going to wait in another line again, so I took off my first top and nursed.

These women were making snarky comments so I moved from my spot to catch a picture with these characters.

Not for attention for me but attention to the fact NO WOMEN SHOULD BE SHAMED FOR FEEDING THEIR BABY UNCOVERED.

The post has so far attracted more than 1.2 thousand comments, some accusing the mum of ‘attention seeking’ – just for feeding her child!

Kristy, of Breastfeeding Mama Talk added this absolute shut down in the comments:


I just have to laugh at all the ‘attention hound’ accusations when the people making those accusations are a lot of the reason why it’s getting so much attention.

Remember, if people stopped being so negative about breastfeeding then there probably wouldn’t be as many posts about it?

The logical thing to do would be to shut your traps if you don’t like breastfeeding and stop engaging on these posts because every time someone comments on a post, reacts to it, it gets the post higher reach and ensure more people will see it. So you guys are actually the ones getting her more attention.

People like you just fuel us to fight back and we will always fight back and let me tell you, we have the law on our side and mother nature on our side, so we will always win.

Breastfeeding mamas and supporters are a force to be reckoned with. Try us, we will come out on top, every single time.


Brittni told UNILAD she was happy with the majority of the feedback she’d been getting for her photo.

She said:


I’ve gotten so much positive feedback. The haters can’t decide why they are mad.

Well said Brittni!

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