Mum Shares Ultrasound So Terrifying People Say Her Baby Will Be ‘Pure Evil’

Sharni Turner/Facebook

An expectant mother got more than she bargained for when the ultrasound technician gave her a glimpse of the face of her unborn child.

In a scene straight out of Rosemary’s Baby, Sharni Turner, from Queensland, was shocked by the front-facing image of the foetus, which some people have compared to the face of Voldermort from the Harry Potter series.

Some have gone far enough to describe the tiny baby as having the face of ‘pure evil’…

The Omen/20th Century Fox

Speaking with UNILAD, Sharni how her ultrasound appointment started like many others:

I was on the watching the screen with my auntie who joined me for my ultrasound appointment and the baby was sleeping and just not doing much like we needed it to do the measurements properly.

However, when the baby woke from its slumber, nobody could have imagined the glare it them:

We tried heaps of things to wake him up and all of a sudden we got that face and I was just like ‘that’s terrifying’ it was pretty hilarious!

But I don’t think he enjoyed being woken up.

The proudly amused/terrified mama-to-be took to social media to share the image of her unusual sprog, sparking fear among her Twitter followers.

One person said, ‘That looks like a baby transformer you got in there’ whereas another likened it to Mr Boogie from Sinister.

Sharni made the following comment on the post:

My ultrasound technician decided to do a front face image of my baby and it was the most terrifying thing over ever seen in my f*ckiNG LIFE

Here’s the little darling:

The image quickly went viral, and has since been retweeted almost 11,000 times, with over 30,000 likes.

Although many of the responses have been light-hearted and jokey, some people have taken their fear too far, even urging Sharni to abort the ‘evil’ foetus.

One unpleasant person tweeted ‘Abort, Abort’, while another inappropriately remarked, ‘I’m now pro abortion’.

Sharni patiently explained to these people how even though the picture looked strange, it was actually one hundred per cent normal:

I feel like I gotta clarify that I don’t in anyway plan on having an abortion and that this is what a human skull looks like scanned bc LMAO

Luckily, Sharni has a cracking sense of humour, and gave us her reaction to the replies she’s received:

It’s definitely been a good laugh reading the responses! I think I sat for hours in tears just laughing at the creativity of some of the comments!

Some were pretty mean too, surprisingly, but I’m sure they were joking.

I found it a little shocking that I had to even clarify that I didn’t plan on getting an abortion but I’m definitely proud to be a mummy to a devil child!

Sharni Turner

Look, if this little guy does turn out to be the antichrist, then he couldn’t ask for a more accepting mummy to help him curtail his evil ways.

Good luck Sharni and family.

But whatever you do, don’t buy him a red tricycle…