Mum So Angry At Daughter’s New Tattoo She Calls Priest To House

by : UNILAD on : 08 Jul 2018 19:03
Stevey JavaStevey JavaUNILAD

Anyone who has very strict religious parents will likely have experienced the horror of being taken to a pastor after committing a perceived ‘sin’ in your parents eyes.


In Stevey Java’s case, her mum spied the tattoo on her wrist and was so outraged she called their pastor to the house.

Initially Stevey pretended to be asleep while the pastor came but she thought it wouldn’t be enough, so locked her door, jumped out the window and sprinted to the nearest Starbucks.

Stevey Java tattooStevey Java tattooUNILAD

The tattoo her mum saw was of a flower on her wrist, but she also has a second one – of a martini glass.


Speaking to UNILAD, Stevey said:

I got a tattoo around April, everyone kind of knew about it already besides my mom, which was weird because I wasn’t really trying to hide it.

So like a month later in May me and my mom went to Barnes and Noble, and I remember I was showing her a book and she saw it.

As she’s predominantly religious, she was of course upset, and I knew beforehand thats she’s been talking to our pastor about me because I’m not religious and recently, I stopped going to church so me getting a tattoo was probably the last straw.

I just remember her being upset and we went home and then later that night, out of the f*cking blue, the pastor showed up to our house.

I mean I already knew what was going on because this has happened to me once before and my mom was calling me.

Stevey Java tattoosStevey Java tattoosUNILAD

She continued:

I was like ‘I’ve got to bounce’ so locked the door to my room and climbed out my window onto my roof and then jumped off the roof onto my car hood and drove to the closest Starbuck because I was not gunna have it. [sic]

I came back later that night the pastor was already gone and my mom was asleep, and the next morning she was too p*ssed.

I mean she didn’t call the pastor again but I feel like she’s got uses to seeing me with it and she just said to not get another one.

My life is just a series of events. I actually got two tattoos that day – one’s like a little martini glass on my left wrist and the other is an indie rose, she only saw one when she got mad.

Tweet about jumping out of the windowTweet about jumping out of the windowUNILAD

Stevey posted the ordeal on Twitter and it received over 126 likes and 12 retweets, with commenters left confused as to how the pastor would solve anything.

One wrote:


Like the pastor is supposed to remove the tattoos?? I don’t get it.

Another wrote:

Stevey maybe if you weren’t such a devil loving whore witch you wouldn’t be in this situation?

I dread to think what’ll happen when her mum spots the second tattoo!

I do wonder what would have happened if Stevey had faced up to the pastor about the tattoos though. Maybe some kind of tattoo exorcism?

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