Mum’s Heart-Warming Gesture To Support Son Who Transitioned

Calvin Benson filmmaker studentUNILAD

An LA filmmaking student, who’s also a trans man, proudly posted a photo encompassing his mother’s incredible support of him coming out.

20-year-old Calvin Benson began transitioning last year, and unlike many trans people, has a very supportive mother who’s gone out of her way to make him feel comfortable being himself.

For many years, his mother owned a ‘mother’s ring’ made of the birthstones of her children, with their names engraved.

Recently, she made the heart-warming move to get her ring re-done, removing Calvin’s birth name, and replacing it with his new identity.

Calvin Benson's text with mumUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD about his mum, Calvin said:

Fortunately I have a very supportive mother who’s supported me through out my transition with a very open mind and heart.

When I was younger, she bought this ‘mother’s ring’, which is made of the birthstones of your children and their names on the side of the ring

Unfortunately her old one had the name she gave me when I was born, (my deadname, which means the name I was given when I was casted/born as the wrong gender).

But recently, my mom surprised me and ordered one with my name now, which is Calvin, the identity I chose after coming out and transitioning.

Calvin Benson's mom's textUNILAD

Calvin explained, ‘not only did she order a new ring, but she also put my name next to my brothers names’ which meant a lot to him.

His mother was incredibly supportive from the beginning, and when he came out, she ‘immediately started reading a lot of books about trans people and parents of trans kids’, telling him that she loved him no matter what and that he was her son.

Calvin spoke about his and Twitter’s reaction to the ring:

I was very happy and surprised when she showed me. I forgot she even had the ring because she’s had it for long, so I thought it was incredibly thoughtful of her to think to change my name on it. I was grateful for her support.

I’m glad it’s gone viral and I’m very surprised. I’ve got a lot of support and many people are admiring her support of me which is nice.

I hope it makes other trans people feel a little more accepted in the world. I know many parents of trans people are unsupportive and I am fortunate that isn’t a concern for me.

A family’s reaction to a trans person coming out is significant and a source of grief for many, so it’s great to see Calvin’s mum being so supportive.

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