Naked Guy ‘Attacks Bus’ And Jumps On Car In Morning Rush Hour

Naked man jumping on car in Greater ManchesterUNILAD

The morning rush hour was shaken up last Friday (July 6) in Tyldesley, Greater Manchester, when a naked man was walking around jumping on cars and buses.

Danny Longworth, 25, was on his way to work when he saw the naked guy who was allegedly ‘off his face on drugs’ at 8.45am.

He then took a video when the man climbed onto a car and began jumping on the roof before jumping onto the front of a bus.

Here is the footage:

Speaking to UNILAD, Danny explained the bizarre scene which unfolded in front of him:

I was driving down, he was walking down the common with loads of firemen behind him, so I pulled over and the video speaks for itself.

He jumped up and down on top of a car which stopped because he didn’t want to run him over.

I don’t have a clue, he was off his face on drugs you could tell. You can’t really see in the video but he was covered in scratches. On the common, there is a little stream going through it and I was told he was swimming in that and there’s no water in it.

He was trying to swim in an inch of water. He had scratches all over him top to toe.

Naked guy stopping a bus in Greater ManchesterUNILAD

The naked man was apparently saying ‘I need help’ before making an ‘x’ shape with his fingers and looking through it into the sky.

Dustin said ‘I don’t know what he was looking at’.

Dustin explained how it would have been different if his two children had been there:

I’ve got kids you see and it’s a good job they weren’t going down that street or it would have been a totally different video.

There’s loads of kids walking down that road at that time. The firemen were trying to give him a heat blanket but I don’t think they really wanted to go near him.

After the video finishes, he took the heat blanket, but then I drove off to work. I got a mile away and saw the police flying by, and apparently the police sedated him and now he’s on Tyldesley psych ward.

My next door neighbour used to work with him, and he’s not from around here so I don’t have a clue what he was doing.

Naked guy looking at the sky in Greater ManchesterUNILAD

The person’s car shown in the video asked Dustin if they could use his footage as proof for their insurance after the mysterious naked man left a ‘big dent’ in the roof when he was jumping on it.

Dustin had received comments from some people suggesting the man could have been autistic, but he insisted ‘believe me, that man was on drugs’.

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