New Party Game Is Like Cards Against Humanity Meets Pictionary


A brand new party game described by its creators as being ‘the messed up love child of Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary’ is launching all its embarrassing bits over Britain.

Gutterhead came about after two broken cars stopped fiancés Zac and Kate from getting to a big New Year’s Eve party. As they settled in with a takeaway and some bubbly, the couple cracked out the Cards Against Humanity.

After having spent the Christmas hols playing pleasant games of family friendly Pictionary, the question was obvious: what would a combination of Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity look like?


Well here’s how it works: like many more innocent party games, teams compete head-to-head, ferociously out-drawing and out-guessing their competitors. However, players must be prepared to unleash their depraved side…

One teammate draws the filthy-minded word while the other teammates guess what it is before their opponents do. To give you an idea, some of the words include: ‘morning glory’, ‘human centipede’ and ‘pearl necklace’. Skills in quick thinking and doodling all things dark and dirty bodes well in this game where only the filthiest minds can hope to succeed.

Zac believes Guttterhead is a great way to get to know your friends better, and see a different, naughtier side to them:

Adult party games give people the ability to genuinely be themselves and be open and be a bit naughty and cheeky with their friends for once, rather than having to have this shield on and be guarded about what they say and do.

According to Zac, the ideal scenario to play Gutterhead would be at a chilled out dinner party with close friends:

We often have friends over and put out some nibbles, and then once you’ve cleared that all away, make up some nice gin and tonics and whack out the game and have a great time. Honestly, time flies, it absolutely flies.

However, the game is pretty versatile. Kate has played it while out on a hen do, and Zac has even played it with his family:

Believe it or not, I’ve also played it with my gran. I learnt a lot from her, it was quite an eye-opening experience […] She actually suggested one of the words in the game as well. Believe it or not, she actually suggested pearl necklace!


Inventive, alternative party board games are fast becoming a staple of parties and make for a hilarious night when combined with a few mates and some beers. In a world where we spend our working days and our solitary moments glued to screens, we all want a bit more of a meaningful interaction.

Plus, board game nights can be a much cheaper alternative to going clubbing every weekend, as this short animation The Story of Tim explains:

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Zac and Kate have big plans for their venture with ambitions to roll out Burger, Booze and Board nights. Perfect for those who are looking for something a bit different and a bit more memorable on their night out.

Visit Amazon and use the code UNILAD99 for £5 off your copy of the game.

Get your set and empty your Gutterhead with your mates. We are so on board for this…