No One Can Work Out What The F*ck Leonardo DiCaprio Was Doing In The Money Fight Crowd

by : Tom Percival on : 24 Aug 2017 16:42
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McGregor finally fought Mayweather last night in a fight for the ages, but while most are interested in the post match fall out we’ve got a more pressing question. 


What the hell was Leonardo DiCaprio doing on his phone?

For those who aren’t aware, Leo, who was there to watch McGregor and Mayweather beat the shit out of each other, was photographed using his phone which while itself not unusual has raised many an eyebrow in the UNILAD office.

Why? Well, because for some reason Leo’s holding the phone up to his face in a manner not dissimilar to my grandma when she’s attempting to work out which button on the remote control raises the volume on the TV.


So what’s Leo doing? Well we don’t know, but call us Sherlock Phones because we’ve deduced the five things he could be doing on his phone.

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Looking up the rules of boxing…

Let’s be honest, a lot of people have jumped on the whole boxing bandwagon ever since the fight was announced and I guarantee you’ve got at least one mate who’s suddenly become an expert in combat sports over the last few months.

Perhaps Leo is one of those people and he secretly doesn’t know the rules of boxing, so he was quickly visiting the Wikipedia page to brush up the rules just in case any of his celeb pals asked him anything about the fight.

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Checking out the sweet new Night King filter…

Mayweather versus McGregor isn’t the only massive pop culture event in town as it’s also the Game of Thrones finale this weekend and to celebrate Facebook have launched a filter that lets you turn yourself into the dreaded Night King.


Maybe Leo wanted to up his social media cred by letting people know he was down with the kids and is totally into this Game of Thrones thing as well as watching the fight.

Here’s what he could have looked like…

WarningGraphic ImageClick to reveal.

He’s hit that sweet spot of not knowing how technology works anymore…

Time catches up with all of us and Leo’s no exception. It’s possible that age is catching up with the Hollywood heartthrob and he’s losing his grasp on how technology works.

It’s a shame but it happens to all of us.

Soon Leo will be calling up his pal Tobey Maguire asking how to get his DVD player working, getting supermodels to show him how emails work and sending Martin Scorsese awkward birthday messages several days too late on Facebook.

Updating his Illuminati masters about the fight…

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The Illuminati may rule the world through a sinister shadow government who seek to enslave us all using a combination of chem-trails and high fructose corn syrup but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t get tickets to the fight.

I mean seriously, they were like $2,000 a pop, that’s a lot of money, especially when your assets are tied up in ruling the world.


Maybe their mate Leo was doing them a solid by keeping them updated on the fight? It’d be a good way to ensure he has a place in their New World Order after all.

Face timing his boo…

Leo’s no stranger to women and it’s possible he’s texting or even face timing one of his many, many women but he doesn’t want them to know that he’s at the fight.

Maybe by putting the phone up to his face and covering the sides he’s disguising the fact he’s at the boxing?

Unfortunately, Leo seems to have forgotten he’s one of the most famous people on the planet and was being papped while on the phone, so if this is true he’s no doubt been rumbled.

What do you think Leo’s doing? Checking a zit? Taking a selfie? Playing Candy Crush? Let us know.

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