Orangutans Are Facing Complete Extinction Within The Next 10 Years


There is now a revolutionary way for you to win wonderful streetwear and help save the suffering monkey population in Borneo at the same time.

The APE Foundation has launched APE Lotto. A lottery you can enter for £1 every week, with one person winning a prize in the form of streetwear valued at £1000.

All of the money raised goes to the struggling monkey population in Borneo, a place being torn down at the hands of capitalism to prop up the palm oil industry.

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme - Onsite major surgery on sumatran orangutan

APE Lotto is a unique attempt to connect people with the charity by finding a personal interest like streetwear and pairing it with a worthwhile cause.

Bart Retera, founder of the APE Foundation, told UNILAD:

I’ve been living in Indonesia for the past four years working on several non-profit projects where I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things but also way too many heartbreaking situations. Living so close to nature really shows the effects of corruption and greed.

How Borneo, the home for uncountable endangered species, is slowly turning into an economic centre for the palm oil industry and the oceans around it get polluted by poor waste management.

Burning forests to make way for plantations to support the world’s insatiable demand for palm oil is one of the main causes.

About half a year ago I started APE foundation with the aim to do anything in my power to reduce the numbers of extinction,  by working closely together with charities that share our vision and values.

For example, right now we’re about to open an environmental-wise library in the centre of Borneo to educate children about their surroundings and what the effects of plastic or palm oil have on nature around them.

That’s how we fight to beat the numbers of extinction, step by step. In creative ways we think are effective. That’s where the idea of APE lotto started, a creative way to connect people with our charity and spread awareness.

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme

The APE Foundation has partnered up with a few brands who are willing to donate their goods to the cause, while others are thinking of offering discounts to its members.

Bart continued:

Something that interests people and has never been done before – try to combine two totally different things and make them fit and feel right – doing good while having the chance of winning great prizes.

My goal, our goal, is to fight the numbers of extinction and I truly believe we can by being bold and staying creative.

The numbers don’t look good – the population number of the proboscis monkey is believed to have dropped by 80 per cent over the past 30 years – and orangutans are facing complete extinction within the next 10 years.

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme

Speaking about APE Foundation‘s goals, Bart explained:

Over the course of next year our goals are to monitor, protect and restore the habitat of the orangutan and proboscis monkey – this can only be done with the right amount of funding.

One way to protect their habitat is by educating the local people who are mostly not aware of extinction of these species nor the harm that’s done by palm oil plantations.

We plan to do this by building an environmental library in the east of Borneo.

We can fund the build of this library with as little as 500 people joining the raffle.

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme

The money will contribute towards paying the very important and protective ‘jungle guardians’ with Bart explaining:

50 people joining will pay the salary of one jungle guardian. Our local jungle guardians will protect the habitat of these endangered monkeys from (illegal) deforestation and hunting and will be first to action on forest fires or medical issues.

On our path to fight extinction, it’s very important to supply medical support in any form or way. This can go from treatment of burn wounds to guiding pregnancy and giving birth.

Our goal is to have certified on-field veterinarians which we can fund with about 70 people, supplying medical requirements to surrounding sanctuaries and building a medical center which will be able to be funded with 5000 people joining the lottery.

The APE Foundation aims to help the monkeys by providing medical support/supplies, protecting and expanding habitats, research, establish conservation centers and educating the public in matters pertaining to the environment and welfare of these species.

Every single lottery ticket sold will 100 per cent go back to the monkeys as the organisation is small and run only by volunteers.

The team are currently working on opening an eco-library in Kalimantan filled with environmental material to educate, especially kids, on animals, plants and pollution.

This is incredibly important considering ‘there’s no government initiative to educate them on, for example, what will happen if they throw plastic away’.

The first draw will be on Valentine’s Day (February 14), so head over to their website and enter.