Overweight Student Loses Third Of Her Bodyweight In Incredible Transformation

Loses Third Of Her Body WeightInstagram/ _jessikafitness

A student from Leeds was inspired to turn her life round, losing a third of her body weight after seeing pictures of herself at her 18th birthday party.

At her heaviest Jess Emmett weighed 21 stone (133kg) and her size had such an impact on her everyday life – and self-esteem – that she would often cancel plans to socialise.

At school she would even hide in the toilets in order to get out of doing PE.

Jess told UNILAD she used to hide from the camera and and would refuse to have her picture taken with her friends.

She said:

To see my 18th birthday pictures was me facing the damage I’d caused to my body, although it took me six months to even look at those photos anyway.

She told us she felt depressed while she was overweight and was isolated from others, including her family.

She said her night life still isn’t fully recovered because of how much she used to weigh.

Jess’s own self-consciousness made her feel as though she was drawing attention to herself just by going out with her friends.

If you get sick of my posts please direct yourself to the unfollow button, I don't post these for attention comments or likes, I only want to help motivate people to better their own lives, and document my own progress. ?? • I've been taking time off this whole process recently, not like a relapse but allowing myself to relax. I haven't approached this transition in the best way.. I calorie count absolutely everything, I add up my calorie deficit daily and if I don't hit my projected weight loss I make myself work harder.. I've also been weighing myself twice a day, so I've been taking a break to recharge and rethink my entire approach to this new lifestyle.. ? • Now I don't have a clue what I weigh, I advise people to not use the scale, when I was using it twice a day, so for now I've managed to stop, but I know I've gone down 6 sizes. SIX DRESS SIZES IN UNDER A YEAR‼️‼️‼️ • Take time off, take time for yourself, this journey doesn't have to be consistent and you don't have to be in a constant challenge with yourself.. I've learnt this the hard way, but mentally I'm a completely different person, and I wouldn't change that for the world.? • also my goddaughter was born on the 18th June, this put all my issues with myself into perspective.. I'm going to try be the best role model I can for her. ? – – – – – – #fitfam#fitspo#fitness#healthy#healthylifestyle#weightloss#beforeandduring#beforeandafter#stomachprogress#timeoff#recharge#motivation#fitspiration#inspiration#bbg#fatloss#tanned#keepgoing#beforeandafterweightloss#mentalhealth#mentalhealthawareness#transformationtuesday#happiness

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She said:

I felt like my weight was ironically weighing me down stopping every little thing I did.

I’d get back ache and things like that and honestly just thought it was normal to feel that way, stuck in the same negative cycle.

Since the photos prompted Jess to turn her life around, she’s altered her diet and now regularly hits the gym at Xercise4Less.

She’s lost an impressive seven stone (45kg), and now has hopes to work as a personal trainer.

She has set up an Instagram account to mark her progress and says she feels like a completely different person.

She said:

I feel more confident, and my confidence has come without me even noticing.

I feel so happy and ready to go out and do things, explore and make memories, trying to make up for the time I’ve lost.

She recalled how her shopping habits have changed, from ‘huge long t-shirts’ to more fitted clothing, from leggings to jeans.

But most importantly, she says she is so much happier since she started on her journey.

If anyone is struggling with loosing weight, be this a reminder to not stop, don't quit and don't think you'll never get there.. 8 months difference ❤️⠀⠀ ⠀ This journey isn't perfect, it isn't wake up every day full of energy and excitement, it's waking up everyday battling with your mind to do the right thing, constantly trying to remind yourself why you're doing this. ⠀ ⠀ I know how important before and afters are to people who are wanting to loose weight, I understand that physically seeing someone actually loose a significant amount of weight, is an extreme motivation to pursue your own journey. ⠀ ⠀ In addition to that, don't let the scale take over your happiness, I weighed myself every single day, up until the last few weeks I've let the scale determine how I spent the rest of my day. Although I still weigh myself every 2-3 days, it's an improvement from 1-2 times a day. ⠀ The scale is unhealthy, and an unreliable source (daily) on your weight loss, so I've been trying to use clothes sizes to be my indicator- the photo on the right is a size 10 top, size 12 jeans, my first size 12 jeans in my life. And nothing makes me more happier than seeing physical changes, rather than the numerical value of your gravitational pull. ⠀ Don't wait for Monday, don't wait to have one more "treat meal", for a special occasion, or for a holiday, do it for your health, wellbeing, future and happiness. ⠀ ⠀ This isn't a quick fix, it's not going to happen overnight, I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm extremely glad I started making the little changes that I did, when I did. Because before you know it… your happiness, confidence and health has improved permanently without you even noticing. ❤️ – – – – – – – #fitfam#fitspo#weightloss#weightlossjourney#weightlosstransformation#weightlossbeforeandafter#transformation#beforeandafter#beforeandduring#fitspiration#inspiration#motivation#healthy#changes#happiness#white#fatloss#sw#transformations#friday#healthylife#beforeandafterweightloss

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She said:

I thought I was the happiest I could be but once I saw myself physically change, I started to change for the better from the inside out.

But her journey isn’t over just yet. Jess has plans to lose three more stone, and wants to use her experience to help work on tackling childhood obesity.

Congratulations to Jess, and we wish her the best of luck with everything she wants to achieve.