People Are Absolutely Furious At How This Full English Is Being Served


Yes you have just seen a full English breakfast stuffed into a hipster mason jar.

Apparently everyone who has tried it, vouches for Munchies’ breakfast jar, but a lot of people are struggling to open their minds to the idea.

The owner of the Cardiff cafe has even received death threats from outraged fry-up fanatics .

All I can think of is the build up of egg and sausage juice at the bottom…

Tom Alfislav, the guy who started The Fry Up Police Facebook page, said:

It’s an absolute fucking shambles.

There’s nothing about it that works. If it was a well thought out troll post then I’d give a resounding 10/10. But it isn’t.

Someone’s actually sat there and thought: “I know, let’s really push the boundaries of edginess and put a fry up in a jar, then take money off people for it.”


They’ve had some priceless publicity out of it though. Not exactly the best publicity in the world but at least people now know where not to go for a fry up!


Speaking to UNILAD, Jordan Wentzel, the owner of Munchies in Cardiff, said:

The breakfast in a jar was for convenience of having it able to take away, without having waste.

I wasn’t expecting any response, we specialise in gourmet cheese toasties and baked sweet stuff so didn’t ever imagine our breakfast would receive this much attention.

I’ve had a few death threats, and a lot of people very upset that it’s in a jar haha. The people who have actually eaten it however have all been very happy.

Anything from ‘the fry up police’ is taken with a pinch of salt. We’d feel a bit more disheartened if these people had come and tried the breakfast, but they haven’t so it’s all quite amusing.

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It turns out Jordan doesn’t have any other contentious recipe ideas to break the Internet with as they mainly just do toasties.

He asked me, ‘why does food need to be served on a plate?’, and it doesn’t, but how do you eat a fucking fry up in a jar with a spoon? Next they’ll be putting steak in a champagne glass.