People Think They’ve Worked Out Who The Creator Of Bitcoin Is

by : UNILAD on : 13 Nov 2017 19:11

Everyone knows what Bitcoin is, but nobody really knows just who the mysterious creator behind it really is.


All we know about the person is his ‘name’, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Now, Nakamoto could in fact be a she, a he, a they, or in fact a collection of people – but he’s credited with the creation and first transaction of Bitcoin back in 2008.


Yet recent news about North Korea mining and stealing Bitcoin from trading centres in South Korea have sparked incredible and improbable theories how Satoshi Nakamoto is in fact non other than Kim Jong-un.


North Korea’s inimitable leader is reportedly making money hand-over-fist, thanks to the price hike of the cryptocurrency, which has led some people to question just whether the two could be one and the same?

Obviously, this is most likely rubbish and nobody really takes it seriously, but everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.

They do say the correct theory is often the simplest or most obvious and all it takes is to follow the money trail of who’s benefitting from the increase in Bitcoin prices, as well as the theft of Bitcoin by North Korea: Kim Jong-un.

As Reddit user TheNobodyThere posted two months ago:

Just imagine Kim Jong-un proving he is Satoshi. With his 1 mil BTC, each valued at 500k USD, he would become the worlds richest man, making the NK superpower, right after USA and China.

Obviously this is fiction, but imagine some Russian or Japanese mafia gang kidnapped Nakamato, tortured him and eventually made him give them his private keys. Now this sounds like a more realistic scenario.

How would market to such reveal? Or perhaps even return of Satoshi himself?

Doesn’t sound too far fetched does it? Let’s face it, at the current value of Bitcoin, Satoshi is up there in the top 100 richest people in the world right now.


It stands to reason people would want a bit of that action and because the currency is decentralised and largely deregulated, it would be relatively easy to pose as Satoshi if they had his private keys.

So what if the criminal underworld in fact got their hands on Satoshi and that’s why he’s gone dark? What if Kim Jong-un is sitting in his ivory tower, watching American capitalists make him a multi-billionaire while simultaneously increasing his nations’ power – ironic eh?

Honestly, it is 2017 and at this point there’s absolutely nothing which would be beyond belief. We really live in that kind of world now!

Of course, even if Kim does have a stash of a million Bitcoin, he won’t be able to spend them without completely devaluing the whole currency.

This is because everyone will see Kim (AKA Satoshi) actively selling his Bitcoin and think they too, should be getting rid of their currency before the price tanks.

So this totally true theory of Kim being Satoshi Nakamoto means Kin Jong-un is sitting on a billion dollar fortune and isn’t able to do anything about it.

Sounds legit. So legit!

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