People Worried About Justin Bieber After Spotting Weird Item In Bathroom Selfie


Justin Bieber’s recent bathroom mirror selfie received a barrage of comments disapproving of his tattoos, but his fans also spotted a pretty strange item on the side.

The 23-year-old singer probably didn’t mean to leave it on the side as he was more focused on fitting in the vast gothic collage he’s had inked onto his torso.

It was in fact the spoon in the bottom left of the photo that took centre stage, leaving a few commenters worried about why it was there.

Here’s the new tattoo…

Commenters wrote:

Why does he have a little spoon in the bathroom?

Why is there a spoon in your bathroom?

Also, a weird black residue?

Justin, why do you need a spoon ?

Instagram user solliiiiii responded saying ‘heroin’.

What are your thoughts on the spoon?

Other commenters pointed out his pack of cookies and the ‘weird black residue’ on the side.

Justin Bieber used some of the time off from his cancelled Purpose world tour to add to his 60 plus tattoos with his most dramatic piece yet.

Most fans do not approve of his body being covered up and it has something of a Cheryl Cole bum tattoo circa-2014 vibe.

The tattoo connects the snarling grizzly bear head, stern lion head, and large gothic cross that Bieber already had on his torso.

As well as being into tattoos, a strange series of photos allegedly showing Justin Bieber talking to a fan on Snapchat about his feet has leaked online.

The series of pictures only appear to show Justin and not the fan, but you can almost imagine the creepy messages coming up on his phone.


I’ve got no idea what the spoon was for, maybe he used it as part of a beauty regime, maybe he really likes yoghurt in the bathroom?

You decide for yourselves.