Police Intervene In Vegan Protest Outside Controversial Steak Restaurant

by : UNILAD on : 18 May 2018 13:57
Chef eating meat in front of protestorsChef eating meat in front of protestorsUNILAD

Police intervened with a vegan demonstration outside the controversial Antler steak restaurant, whose owner ate a steak in the face of animal rights protestors.


The footage of Michael Hunter, carving the leg of a deer and tucking into a steak, in the window of his restaurant while vegan demonstrators protested outside, went viral back in April.

The activists pay a visit to the restaurant every Saturday evening – during the restaurant’s busiest period – to protest how it ‘celebrates the murder of animals’, prompting the police to intervene.

Here’s an exclusive video of the restaurant owner ‘defiling’ the deer in front of the ‘vegan outreach’:


Speaking to UNILAD, Len Goldberg, activist videographer for the vegan outreach, said:

The police have made attempts to stifle the strength of our protesting for Antler’s tortured animals.

Police have demanded that we stop chanting, stop responding to passersby when they provoke us, and not say a word to customers entering Antler.

Each time, we assert our rights to carry out those peaceful ways of defending animals who get tortured non-peacefully for Antler.

Demonstrations occur every Saturday evening during Antler’s busiest period. We’d love to speak with owner Michael Hunter about transitioning his restaurant to compassionate plant food, and to date, we’re awaiting a response to our inquiry.

People entering Antler react anywhere from laughing at the dismembering of animals to rational discussions to one group of customers who just agreed to order only vegan dishes and ask the owner to add more vegan dishes to Antler’s menu.

Even some Antler customers are realising they need to go vegan.

Here’s footage of police intervening with the most recent protest:

Marni Ugar, who led the activists, and has revealed there’s now a longer waiting list for table reservations, says she’s noticed the restaurant is busier than before their protest went viral.

Marni is keen to highlight the issue of speciesism, which involves the assignment of different values, rights, or special consideration to individuals solely on the basis of their species membership.


She explained they ‘do activism for the animals’ and are ‘not there to attack or destroy anyone’ but to ‘have dialogue, educate, change things, be the voice that the animals don’t have’.

Here’s footage from a previous protest when the group were met by one counter-protestor, a friend of the restauranteur, holding a sign reading ‘self righteous pr*cks’.

Len said their goal was to: ‘inspire the owner to add more and more vegan options that respect animals and protect people’s health and the environment’.

They hope the restaurant, will one day, ‘transition to a fully vegan operation that is every bit as prosperous for the owner and better for all beings’.

Chef carves leg of deer in front of protestors Chef carves leg of deer in front of protestors UNILAD

If Hunter displays a sign in his restaurant, reading: ‘Animal’s lives are their right. The desire to live and capacity to suffer, a dog is a pig is a dog is a boy is a girl. There is no right way to exploit an animal’, Marni said, ‘we will go away’.

Michael Hunter, of Toronto’s Antler restaurant, has been approached for comment, but is yet to respond.

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