Restaurant Offers £500 For Finishing Giant Chicken Nugget In Six Minutes

Rub Smokehouse

Christ almighty, look at the size of this chicken nugget. 

The ‘Nugzilla’, which launched last year, is the latest eating challenge – and quite a rewarding one – rewarding in the monetary sense.

Don’t ask me about the impact eating one might have on your well-being – or health. I’m guessing it’s great.

Rub Smokehouse, The Gate restaurant – who also masterminded the ‘Yorkshire Pudding Pizza’, bottomless retro crisp nights and the kitchen sink sundae, have offered punters a chance at conquering the giant chicken nugget, named after Godzilla.


The rules are as follows:

1. The challenge is to eat the Nugzilla unaided in the quickest time possible.

2. The challenger must not leave the table while the challenge is on.

3. If the challenger vomits then their entry is void.

4. The challenger must not share the Nugzilla.

5. The entry will only be accepted if all is eaten including the fries and all sauce mopped up.

6. Drinks are allowed.

7. All challenge attempts must be made with a reservation – book up online here – adding the challenge attempts in the notes. Challenges cannot be accepted on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You can enter the eating competition at any Rub Smokehouse & Bar restaurant.

8. The winner is the challenger with the fastest time under 6 minutes 20 seconds. This will be announced on the Rub Facebook.

9. Any times under 10 minutes will not be charged for and will receive a free T-Shirt in the post.

Kim Bhasin/Business Insider

The current record is six minutes 20 seconds. If you think you can beat it, then Rub will give you a decent £500.

Just to put things into perspective for you, the Nugzilla is the equivalent of 85 standard nuggets.

I gave Rub Smokehouse a bell to see if anyone has come close to the beating the six-minute record yet – and if they did – had they chundered all over the gaff from eating a fat content of 330 grams and 4,500 calories?

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They told UNILAD:

No one’s beaten it yet. I haven’t seen anyone make themselves physically ill, but we get a lot of people asking for beds and stuff or just to lie down so they can deal with the food.

Talking about the popularity of the Nugzilla, they added:

It’s quite specialised so I think people might train themselves for it, to be honest. They’ll see it and come and normally give us a heads up in advance, asking if the prize is still up for grabs, so there’s definitely a thought process which goes behind it before people give it a whirl.

Alas, no-one has come close to topping the set record just yet:

Not at the Newcastle branch, no. We had one chap beat the original ten minutes when it first started and he got his money back and a t-shirt, but no-one’s beaten the new six minute mark yet.

Might pop down there myself?…