Ryan Gosling Reacts Hilariously To Fan Screaming For His Attention

by : UNILAD on : 02 Sep 2018 19:46
Ryan Gosling startled Venice film festivalRyan Gosling startled Venice film festivalUNILAD

Meeting celebrities and people you idolise can often be an overwhelming, emotional and completely nerve-racking experience.


During these special moments it would be nice to have a friend there to hold your hand throughout, helping you remain calm and collected.

Unfortunately for one girl though, the friend she brought along wasn’t exactly the best companion, as she met a man many of us desire to steal one minute with – Ryan Gosling.

You can watch what happened here:


20-year-old Sara from Udine, Italy, headed to the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival last Wednesday (August 29), the day Gosling’s next film First Man was premiering.

But Sara wasn’t there for Gosling, instead hoping to meet actor Claire Foy who is best known for portraying the young Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series The Crown and is starring alongside Gosling in the upcoming biopic about Neil Armstrong, the the first man to walk on the Moon.

Luckily for Sara she was able to meet her hero, Foy, who was more than happy to take a photo and sign the fan’s drawing.

claire foy fan selfieclaire foy fan selfieUNILAD

While Sara was still recovering from having met Foy, Gosling appeared ready to meet fans including Sara’s friend to whom he gave an autograph.

Being perhaps the most supportive mate on planet Earth during that moment, Sara let out a high-pitched scream which rather startled Gosling leaving him wide-eyed and taken aback.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Sara explained she was cheering on her friend for meeting the man, the legend – Ryan Gosling:

I was there for Claire Foy, my idol, but my friend is obsessed with Ryan Gosling and when he signed her paper, I was so excited for her and still hyped from having just met Claire.

I screamed and startled him.

I’m not a fan of Ryan! I mean he’s not bad, but I’m not a super fan. I screamed because I was so excited for my friend’s dream coming true right in front of me, just seconds after mine did!


It sounds like both Sara and her friend had a day they will never forget!

ryan gosling claire foy fansryan gosling claire foy fansUNILAD

Looking back at the photos and videos on her phone the following day, when Sara rediscovered the footage of Gosling she ‘immediately laughed out loud because his face was priceless’.

Knowing she had to share this with her friends, Sara posted the video on Twitter which naturally went viral, especially after several Gosling fan pages began requesting to use it.

At time of writing (September 3) the tweet has received over 1,400 likes which has left Sara ‘amazed’ but also very ‘delighted’ it ‘made tons of people laugh’.


However, Sara admits she is a little disappointed her tweet about Gosling went viral instead of her moment with Foy.

She tweeted:

I was basically the only fan who went to Venice solely for Claire Foy.

I tweet one thing about Ryan and it goes wild.


ryan gosling startled fanryan gosling startled fanUNILAD

And then:


My 15 minutes of fame were apparently intended to happen because I startled Ryan Gosling by screaming.

I’m not even a big fan of his.


ryan gosling startled fanryan gosling startled fanUNILAD

Although Sara’s viral moment didn’t happen how she thought it might, she did meet Foy.

So all’s well that ends well then.

First Man will be released in UK and US cinemas October 12 later this year.

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