Sarah Palin Brown-noses Donald Trump In Cringy Interview

by : Christopher Blunt on : 29 Aug 2015 17:10

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In one of the most cringe-inducing and biased events of recent times, former Alaskan governor and vice presidential runner Sarah Palin interviewed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump yesterday.

The interview, for conservative broadcasting network One America News (who?), began with Palin, 51-years-old, obsequiously listing out a seemingly endless array of compliments to a bizarre backdrop of emotive military music.

As part of her exaggerated brown-nosing she hilariously praised the outspoken capitalist for having his “heart with the working class” (no, this isn’t a satire website) and sticking it to the Washington establishment.

Trump, a real estate developer worth an estimated 4 billion US dollars, has previously hinted that should he get into the White House, he would want Palin involved in his establishment.


You can watch the whole diabolical clip here – *WARNING: graphic bullshit*.

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