Scottish Mum Decorates House With Flags Of All England’s World Cup Opponents

by : UNILAD on : 28 Jun 2018 18:55
Belgium flag flying outside their houseBelgium flag flying outside their houseUNILAD

A good-humoured Scottish mum joins in with some gentle ribbing against England every World Cup by purchasing and flying the flags of all their opponents.


In the small town Jedburgh, Scotland, Jordan Wiffin and his family have a flag pole which gets used every time England are playing to wind up their English neighbours.

On the day of the match they put the flag of whichever team England are playing up in the back garden. So tonight the Belgium flag will be flying.

Flags of England's world cup opponentsFlags of England's world cup opponentsUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Jordan said:


I’m from a small town in the Scottish Borders called Jedburgh. The flags came about first from the last World Cup in Brazil.

We had English neighbours so my mum bought the flags of the teams England were playing just as a little joke between neighbours, which we all laughed about.

But then this year my mum did the same so I decide to put all the flags together and take a picture of then and put it on Twitter.

Within a few days it was getting quite a bit of attention. With mainly people from England taking badly to it, commenting on my messy house and so on.

He continued:

Me and my mum just brushed it off and laughed. To clear it up I don’t ‘hate’ English people, it was just a laugh.

All my neighbours just laugh because they are all Scottish but English people see the funny side also, it’s just on Twitter is where the negative comments start coming in.

Jordan posted the photo to Twitter and it received over 1.4k likes and 255 retweets, angering many commenters at time of writing.

One wrote:

Probably just starting a collection of flags of countries who’s poverty stricken people probably still have nicer houses than her.

One person saw the humour, saying:


That’s actually quite funny, fair banter! I’m all for England but I’d be lying if I said they didn’t bore the shit outta me. Best thing I like about the World Cup is the fun shit that comes with it, sweepstakes/predictors etc.

Tunisia flag flying outside their houseTunisia flag flying outside their houseUNILAD

A commenter came back at Jordan and said:

So a Scotsman, a Welshman and 2 Irish fellas walk into a pub. Wheres the Englishman……….??? Russia.!!!

Another said:

Love seeing all the other home nations that represent the UK want England to lose just shows how jealous of us and would love to be in our position at this moment and at most major tournaments we qualify for. Long Live England and Long Live the Queen.

There were a lot of personal jabs at the tidiness of the room, with one person saying the ‘front room looks like the toilet from Trainspotting‘, while another said ‘1985 just called, it wants it’s front room back’.

Looks like we’ve got some fragile egos on Twitter who can’t take a bit of light ribbing. There’s a surprise.

So far they’ve got the Tunisia, Panama, and Belgium flags, fingers crossed it comes home tonight so they’ll need to buy more.

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