Seven Most Chaotic Home Makeovers That Ended In Disaster And Left Us In Stitches

by : Lucy Connolly on : 10 Sep 2020 14:02
Funniest Home Makeoves That Left Viewers In StitchesFunniest Home Makeoves That Left Viewers In StitchesTLC/BBC

What’s better than having your dream home designed by a team of professionals and handed to you free of charge?

Having any semblance of that dream home ripped away from you on television in front of millions of viewers, of course, when said professionals reveal their (extremely underwhelming and sometimes horrifying) designs in a wide array of ‘ta-da!’ moments.


Well, that’s what TV producers in the noughties would have had you believe anyway, with home makeover shows – now nothing more than a long-lost art form – providing us with endless hours of entertainment when those exact scenarios unfolded.

funniest failed home makeoversfunniest failed home makeoversBBC

Last month, we presented to you ‘The Man Who Lost His Sh*t On A Home Makeover Show‘, and it was brilliant telly in every single sense. Drama? Check. Pure sass on a level seen only on home makeover shows? Check. Hilarious facial expressions throughout? Check, check, check.

Incredibly though, his isn’t the only home makeover-gone-wrong that’s aired on TV in recent years – in fact, it’s not even the best one. Which is why we’ve taken the time to compile some of our favourites for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.


The Teapot Disaster

Coming in hot is this chaotic episode of Changing Rooms, potentially the most iconic home-improvement show that aired between 1996 and 2004. In what is now one of the show’s most renowned episodes, designer Linda Barker tried her hand at designing some free-standing shelves.

linda barker's teapot disasterlinda barker's teapot disasterBBC

Which would have been absolutely fine, if she hadn’t then stacked said shelves with all of the homeowners’ most valuable antique teapots and some pretty heavy books, which ultimately led the shelves to crash to the floor as soon as the designers stepped out of the room.


Upon seeing their beloved teapots smashed to pieces on the floor, the two women broke down in tears as an extremely awkward Linda tried to make the situation better by saying, ‘You wanted a corner cabinet, I gave you a nice, hanging, modern shelf… okay?’

Considering one of the women was sobbing in the designer’s arms and the other was staring sullenly at her with her arms crossed as their beloved teapots sat smashed on the floor, I’m not sure that was really the best time to talk about your ‘nice, modern’ shelf Linda…

Check it out below:


The Greenhouse Debacle

In a now iconic episode of BBC’s Your Home In Their Hands, the designers inexplicably thought the owners would appreciate their house being turned into some sort of greenhouse – complete with turf carpeting, plant walls and fish tank windows.

As soon as the couple walked through the front door, you knew exactly what was about to go down, with an ‘Oh dear’ escaping the man’s lips and his wife laughing so hard she almost fell to the ground.

‘At this moment in time I’m regretting it,’ she said as she swatted a stray plant away from her head. Then, as her husband tested out their new fish tank window that had been placed in their bathroom, she announced, ‘I think [the designer] was off his head.’


Incredible. And to be honest, they handled the whole thing a lot better than I would have:

The Fireplace Fiasco

Brought to you by Trading Spaces, an American home-improvement show based on Changing Rooms and therefore automatically legendary, this episode saw the team attempting to modernise a couple’s living room.

The couple in question were adamant they wanted to keep the original brickwork around their fireplace, having told the team not to touch it a number of times, so of course the designers decided to cover it completely. Because why not?

Cue an extremely annoyed woman who swiftly told them, ‘You guys are gonna be fixing that in a little while.’ The woman then left the room in tears as her husband muttered, ‘She’s not happy. She’s really not happy.’


The Cartoon Room

Back to Your Home In Their Hands now, and for some unknown reason during this episode the designers thought a teenage girl would appreciate having her bedroom turned into something straight from the Cartoon Network.

Upon seeing her new room, which was covered in chalk drawings and paint strokes, the girl covered her face with her hands and uttered, ‘No. I hate it. No. No.’ Her mum did her best to make her feel better, bless her soul, telling her none of her friends would have a room like it – to which her dad quickly pointed out, ‘I think that might be why she doesn’t like it.’ Errr, yeah.

Oh, and just seconds before this went down her parents had been shown their new room, which randomly featured a dead squirrel complete with a pearl necklace. ‘I really don’t like the squirrel, not a big fan of the pearls,’ her dad said – a fair assessment, I think we can all agree.

And yes, it really was as bad as it sounds:

Blue Room = Blue People

Another Trading Spaces beauty comes in the form of this episode, which saw a couple being shown their ‘brand new’ – and extremely blue – basement, with the designer proudly telling them they could use it as a ‘lounge where you can entertain’. So, just a normal room then?

After initially refusing to open her eyes for an entire 10 seconds (and let’s be honest, after what we’ve witnessed today we can’t blame her), it’s clear the homeowner wished she’d kept them closed when she saw what the team had done to her basement.

‘Oh f*ck no,’ she said as her husband looked around the room in complete bewilderment. Then, in what was probably a desperate attempt to gain some sympathy, the presenter told the couple it was the designer’s first time – a revelation that resulted in an extremely knowing look passing between the pair.

Check it out below:

Son of a Beach

The team at Trading Spaces just couldn’t get anything right, it seems, as we’re right back with them for yet another disaster. This time, the designer thought it would be a brilliant idea to turn the homeowner’s living room into a beach. Nope, I don’t really know why either.

They went all out too, bringing heaps of sand into the home in wheelbarrows and covering the entire floor with it, while replacing the sofas with actual sun loungers. Which, great for sunbathing round the pool, not so great while sitting watching telly.

Witnessing the monstrosity for the first time, the woman burst out laughing – presumably in shock – while exclaiming, ‘OH MY GODDD!’ She then proceeded to fall to the floor and made some indistinguishable noises that, for the purpose of this article, translated to, ‘Oh f*ck, what have I let myself in for here?!’

In fairness, it was pretty funny:

The Erotic Mishap

We started with the iconic Changing Rooms so we’ll end with it. Who could forget the episode where Anna Ryder Richardson was inspired to decorate a couple’s bedroom with framed erotic French underwear?

Unfortunately, we can’t find video footage of what unfolded next so you’ll just have to trust my retelling of it, which is this: upon entering the room, the woman screamed, ‘Why would I want this sh*t in my room?! I’ve got children,’ before promptly bursting into tears.

And just like that, she was scarred for life, her children were scarred for life and the presenter was scarred for life too. Us, though? We were absolutely loving watching the drama unfold before us.

Incredible scenes.

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